Board Meeting ~ February 28, 2019

Attending: Rob Burton, Shon Allen, Ann Moorehead, Keith Johnson, Bruce Lyman and Lynne Williams

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm.


1.  Street lights:
The street light on Normandy has been replaced!  It looks beautiful.  Thanks Keith.  Keith is also aware that several light bulbs have burned out in other street lights and he will get replaced.
2.  Home lighting:
Did you ever wonder who replaces the light bulbs to the outside lights on your home.  These include the light above your front door and on both sides of your garage door.  It is community volunteer Jeff Thomas.  We would like to give Jeff a huge shout out for all his hard work.  Jeff walks the community almost nightly to keep the area well lit and safe.  Thanks Jeff!!
3.   After having several small earthquakes recently, a resident asked us if we have an earthquake preparedness plan for Wyngate Commons.  We discussed this and, while we don’t have a specific plan for the community, we would encourage everyone to review the attached wonderful website.  The state also has other great resources for anyone interested in viewing them.
4.  We continue to have trouble with an insurance company that owes us money for a light pole that was knocked over.  Keith has tried several times to contact them with no response.  It was decided to get Brian Bowen involved.  He is the insurance man for Wyngate Commons.  Hopefully, with his connections, he can get some results.
5Reserve Analysis:  Bruce and Keith continue to work on this.
6A-frame repairs:  Bruce will soon have the A-frame repaired and as good as new.


   1.   Concrete repairs:
Shon has contacted the concrete company and they will start to resurface our worst driveways in April.  Remember: the HOA does NOT choose which driveway gets the resurfacing.  The concrete company picks the worst ones and starts with them. The HOA will contact the residents affected and let them know exactly when this is happening and give them further directions. Thanks Shon!
As usual, parking continues to be an ongoing problem.  Ann suggested sending out an eblast to all residents reminding everyone of the rules, especially that the driveways are fire zones and cars can NOT park there at any time.  Also, parking is only allowed on the SIDE WALK side of the road  to allow space for emergency vehicles to pass through.  The eblast will also gently remind people of when garbage cans are allowed to be out on the street.
The HOA recently received a request from a resident to allow his guest to park in guest parking for two months.  The HOA deemed this to be an unreasonably long time to occupy one of our few guest spots but will offer the person a space in the reserved parking area for $50/month.  Otherwise, the visitor must find parking off site.
3.   Handyman:
As our community continues to age, we are getting more and more requests for repairs.  This especially pertains to our gates and their latches.  It was decided that we need to hire a handyman to help with these never ending projects.  Rob will check into getting some bids on this.
4.   Back door painting and repairs:
Rob will also check into getting a painter/repair man for the back doors of the homes on Wyngate Pointe.  Keith has a name of a painter he will share with Rob. The homes on Normandy Loop and Tuscan View have been completed.  We would like to get this started as soon as the weather permits due to the amount of homes that are included in this project.
5.   Aeration:
Spring is on its way!  The landscapers are scheduled to begin aeration approximately March 15th.  Of course, this depends on the weather.
6.   Comcast contract:
Our 10 year Comcast contract is getting close to expiring.  Shon has been contacted by Comcast concerning what they can offer us and the price.  Since cable and internet are the largest expenditure in your HOA dues, we are taking this very seriously.  Shon will take the contract back to Comcast to see if we can get some extra perks if we sign a 5 year contract with them.
7.    Annual Meeting:
The HOA will be preparing for our annual community meeting in May.  This meeting includes: elections to replace retiring HOA board members, a report on the state of the community by Rob, the Board President, a treasurers report by Keith, getting proxy ballets out to the community, etc, etc.  It is a busy time for the Board.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Williams
Wyngate Commons HOA  Board Secretary

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