Board Meeting ~ April 18, 2019

Attending: Ann Moorehead, Bruce Lyman, Shon Allen and Rob Burton
Absent: Keith Johnson
Meeting called to order at 7:06pm
    1.  STREET LIGHTS: The street light on Tuscan View continues to be out.  Bruce and Keith will look into it.
    2.  RESERVE ANALYSIS:  Bruce will follow up on this.
    3.  VERTICAL RESPONSE: Our mass emails go through Vertical Response.  Mass emails are a wonderful way to keep the community updated on events happening and it is very inexpensive.  Unfortunately, less than 50% of the people getting the emails open them. Some may be going to junk mail.  Sadly, it has proven to be an ineffective way to communicate with residents and flyers will continue to be delivered.
    4.  INSURANCE CHECK:  We received the insurance check for about $2,500 for a light pole being knocked down by a visitor. Thanks, Keith, for following up on this.
    5.  XFINITY: We will be getting free Showtime AND free HD with voice control in our new Xfinity contract. It is also about $3.00 cheaper per home per month.  It should start by May 1st, possibly sooner. You DO need to get a new box to receive these services, however. Please contact Xfinity about it.  This is a TERRIFIC service.  Thanks, Shon, for negotiating this.
    6.  ANNUAL MEETING:  Lynne has everything in place for the annual hoa meeting to be held at the pavilion on May 16th.  Letters are ready to be mailed to all residents and flyers will be delivered to the homes of all renters.
    7.  FRONT LIGHT POLE:  Shon will look into getting a new light pole by the gate.  The current one continues to be crooked and looks shabby when you first drive in.


    1.  BASEMENT FLOODING:  A resident had major flooding in his basement during the last few rainy days.  It was found that he has a long crack in his foundation.  It will cost about $3500 to fix this and it is the responsibility of the HOA to pay for this.  A bid has already been received for it and work will begin soon.
    2.  PAINTING/RESTRIPING:  The lines in guest parking and all those in the back will be repainted on May 19th.  Also, the 10mph speed limit on the road will be repainted.  Thanks, Shon.
    3.  DUMPSTER:  Shon has reserved a dumpster for community use.  It will be in the Southeast corner of the community from May 16-19th.  PLEASE: no electronics, paint, refrigerators or chemical are allowed in the dumpster or we may be fined.
The next HOA meeting is scheduled for May 23rd.
Meeting adjourned at 8:24pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Lynne Williams
Wyngate Commons HOA Secretary

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