Board Meeting ~ August 16, 2018

ATTENDING: Rob Burton, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, Ann Moorehead, Bruce Lyman and Lynne Williams
EXCUSED: Keith Johnson and Lydia Jones

The meeting was called to order at 7:08pm

1. TOWING:  Beehive towing is now our new towing company.  Temporary signs are posted while permanent, metal signs are being made.
2. Parker, our summer handyman, has finished his job here and returned to school.  Thank you, Parker, for all your hard work in making Wyngate Commons look its best.
3. Parking: We have many residents continuing to park in their driveways, especially those driveways that are hidden in back.  This is strictly prohibited by Draper Fire Codes and can not continue.  It was decided that the offenders will be given one note on their cars and will be subject to towing if they continue to disobey the fire codes.
4. Landscaping Bids:  Bruce and Shon continue to get bids from landscapers.  Our current landscaper has agreed not to raise his price for the next two years.  The current contract will expire October 31st.
5. Furnace Venting: As our community ages, so do our furnaces.  Some residents have already had to replace their furnaces.  Many of the new, high efficiency furnaces can not use the existing venting pipes and must have new outlets through the stucco.  The Board is offering leniency on this as long as it looks nice and is placed as inconspicuously as possible.  We request that ALL residents please contact the Board before ANY improvements that involve cutting into the stucco are considered. The Board is looking into having a cooling/heating specialist come in and talk with us so we will know the best way to deal with any future problems
6. Street Lights: Two street lights on Wyngate Pointe are completely down and another needs a new light bulb.  Replacement parts have been ordered and these issues will be corrected as soon as the parts arrive.

1. We have noticed that several gate doors have rubber marks on them from the lawn mowers. It appears the landscapers are opening and closing the gate doors with the mowers instead of their hands. Bruce will talk with them to get this practice stopped!
2. The Rock Event: The Rock Church has again invited us to their summer party.  It will be held on Saturday, August 18th from 11am-3pm. They will have hot dogs, bouncy castles, games, snow cones, cotton candy and more!  Best of all it is free!  We have the best neighbors!
3. Solar Panels: The Board knows that solar panels are a big topic in Utah right now. Will the HOA allow them to be on the roofs?  Bruce will look into this more so we are prepared to answer questions when the time comes.
4. Stephanie is busy preparing for the Community BBQ on September 22nd.  Save the date!  It will be fun, have good food and a great time to meet your neighbors.
5. A resident has a concern about her concrete steps separating from the foundation.  Rob has offered to look at it and help her with a solution.
6. A resident would like to know why we no longer offer garbage can cleaning.  The Board did have Cantastic come in twice and clean our cans as a service to the community.  We did not have much feedback from the community about this but did get responses from some people saying it was a waste of their HOA dues.  After a discussion, it was decided that the benefit to the community did not justify the cost.  Residents can sign up individually with Cantastic if they desire to continue this service.
7.  A resident wondered why her crumbling driveway was not fixed this year.  We did resurface some driveways this summer.  The driveways were noted as being the worst according to the concrete company.  This residents driveway was not deemed critical at this time but does need to be resurfaced in the future.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10pm

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Williams
HOA secretary

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