Board Meeting ~ February 17, 2019

Attending: Bruce Lyman, Keith Johnson, Shon Allen, Ann Moorehead, Rob Burton and Lynne Williams

The meeting was called to order at 7:06pm


1.  Lamp post:
Keith reported the new lamp posts have arrived.  The lamp post that was knocked down on Normandy will be replaced by our electrician either on February 13th or on the 20th.  Keith has purchased an extra lamp post so if we need one we won’t have to wait so long for it to arrive. Keith also has been able to order the exact same light bulb at a huge discount from what our supplier has been charging us.

2.  Keith has been trying to get a hold of the insurance company that owes us money for a pole that was knocked down over the summer.  They have not responded to his calls or emails.  Keith will continue to get a hold of them.

3.  Reserve Analysis: 
Bruce and Keith will get together to get this done.

4.  Lien:
The HOA had put a lien on a homeowners account because of an old garbage can violation fee.  The bill has been paid in full and the lien will be cleared.

5.  Taxes:
Shon has filed the taxes and they should be completed by 2/8/19.

6.  Parking:  
We are having trouble with long term guest parking (girlfriends, ex-wives, etc). They need to follow the same rules as any other quest.  They are allowed to park in the guest parking for a total of 48 hours in a 7 day period.  After that, they will receive a warning.  If this is ignored, they are subject to towing.  They can send a submission form to the HOA if they need to park for a longer period of time.

7.  A-frame:
Bruce has volunteered to help Lynne fix the aging A-frame sign.  Once fixed, Lynne will put this up on the wrong side of the street to notify people that parking is allowed on the sidewalk side ONLY.

8.  Landscaper:
Our new landscaper has certainly been busy with all this snow.  We are generally pleased with the work he has been doing.  We did notice that he has not cleared the guest parking area on Normandy and we will talk to him about not putting snow on top of our new bushes.


1.  A renter in the community is constantly violating our parking policy. He also has a hot tub, which are not allowed in Wyngate Commons and an unapproved gazebo. We have attempted several times to talk with the renter and he has become very belligerent.  Our lawyer will write up a “Notice of Violation and Demand to Cure”.  This will be delivered to the homeowner who needs to deal with the offending renter.  Hopefully, the Demand to Cure will let the renter know that the HOA will not put up with further violations.

2.  Recently, Lydia Jones resigned as our HOA vice-president.  Our lawyers notified us that the HOA has to have a VP in order to continue.  Bruce Lyman was unanimously voted in as our interim vice-president.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Williams,
HOA Secretary

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