Board Meeting ~ June 20, 2019

Attending: Rob Burton, Shon Allen, Keith Johnson, Bruce Lyman, Alan Baggett and Tyler Montrone

Absent: Juan Bruzaferri

Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm.


1.    Door Painting and repairs:
Residents will receive an email on June 25, 2019 explaining the painting and repair process. Additionally, the Board will notify residents at least 2 days in advance via physical flyer.  Residents are responsible for making arrangements to either remove weather stripping, or make themselves available to the painting crew so that work can be completed in a timely fashion.  The homes on Normandy Loop and Tuscan View were completed last year.

     2.  Board assignments:
The Board continues to discuss the distribution of tasks such that our residents may expect a prompt response to inquiries and concerns.
3.  Parking:
The Board continues to discuss the most appropriate response to the varied parking needs of the Wyngate Commons residents.  Two residents requested extended parking privileges for their guests.  Both were approved subject to continued review by the Board.4.  Reserve Analysis:  Bruce and Keith continue to work on this requirement.


1. Pickle Ball:
The Board will assess the repairs necessary to the posts and net mechanisms before determining the most appropriate course of action related to the pickle ball portion of the athletic court.  This issue has been reserved for future discussion.

      2.  Landscaping:
The Board will take inventory of the damaged/dead bushes, shrubs, and trees located throughout the community and submit bids for replacement plants. Planting must occur immediately to avoid heat stress.  Due to several unexpected repairs throughout the community, the Board will assess the landscaping requirements against the budget allocated to such costs and make appropriate decisions as to what should be done this year vs. what may be postponed to next year.Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tyler Montrone
Wyngate Commons HOA  Board Secretary

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