Board Meeting ~ June 21, 2018

Attending: Robert Burton, Keith Johnson, Ann Moorehead, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, Bruce Lyman, Lydia Jones and Lynne Williams
The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm
    BUSHES: The new bushes have been planted!!!  Thank you, Shon Allen, for all your time and effort to beautify the community.  The new bushes makes the area look updated and refreshed.
    MAINTENANCE:  We have hired Parker to do odd jobs around the community.  His jobs will include pulling weeds from the playground and re-spreading the mulch, painting fire hydrants, fixing fences, adjusting gates, spreading stones and other odd jobs that always pop up.  Welcome Parker!
     HOA COMMITTEES:  When a submission form is received by the Board, it has always been hard to know who is responsible to answer the concern/problem.  It was decided that Robert will respond to the submission request to let the homeowner know that we received the form.  Lynne has organized a sheet of common complaints/requests/questions and noted who is responsible to act on that request.  Hopefully, this will make it much easier for the Board to know who will respond and also expedite requests from our residents.
     TOWING:  Robert notified us that Speedy towing is phasing out their night towing and have not been around the community lately.  Their prices also have increased dramatically and people have to go all the way to S. Salt Lake City to retrieve their towed vehicle. Draper City requires us to enforce the parking laws they have set forth for the community.  The Board decided it was time to get bids from other towing agencies, especially those that are closer to us and may be less expensive for vehicle retrieval.  Robert has offered to do this.  Once we have found a new company,  Ann volunteered to send Speedy towing a letter to inform them that we will be dropping their services in 30 days.
     PARKING RULES:  The Board discussed a problem with a commercial vehicle being parked in the back of the community.  Commercial vehicles are prohibited in our CC&R’s and it is the Board’s responsibility to enforce the rules.  Bruce and Robert will talk to the owner of the vehicle and the homeowner to get this problem solved.
     BOUNCE HOUSES:  Due to insurance reasons, bounce houses are NOT allowed to be set up by individuals for birthday parties or other celebrations.  Our insurance allows bounce houses to be set up at an official HOA event and ONLY for our residents.  Lynne will put this on our website so people are informed about this.
      XFINITY PROBLEMS:  A resident stated he was having trouble with his cable and internet.  He had a service person come out and they stated something was wrong with our boxes and it was our problem. Unfortunately, he was given the wrong information.  Our contract requires Xfinity to fix this.  We recommended him to go into the store and get it resolved-don’t call for a service person who doesn’t understand our needs.
      HOA ACTIVITIES:  Stephanie is excited to start organizing the next community party. It probably will be a BBQ this fall.  More on this at a later date.
The next HOA meeting was set for July 19th at 7pm.
Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Lynne Williams
Wyngate Commons HOA Secretary

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