Board Meeting ~ May 16, 2019

Meeting called to
Order at 7:18pm by HOA President Robert Burton.

Prior to the start of the meeting, we needed to confirm that we had the mandatory 24 homeowners either attending or having submitted a signed proxy vote.  Per the CC&R, this is a requirement and it was verified that we met  this number.

Robert welcomed and thanked everyone for coming to the annual meeting.  It is important for people to understand what the HOA does for the community.

Rob gave a summary of accomplishments the Board had completed this year.  This included:
-Concrete resurfacing of the driveways in the worst shape
-Bringing in a dumpster for everyone’s use
-Hiring a new landscaper
-planting new trees and bushes
-installing new light poles.
-painting of the fire hydrants

Keith Johnson, HOA Treasurer, gave an overview of our community finances.  Our finances are looking good.  A detailed budget is sent to each homeowner every December.

Several resident questions were discussed with Bruce Lyman, other members of the Board and members of the community.

Lynne Williams completed her three year term with the board and Ann Moorehead is also ending her board term. Another position was relinquished earlier in the year. Therefore, we have 3 board positions open.  We thank these ladies for their service to our community.

Nominations were taken for the three new Board positions opening up.  Three people were nominated or volunteered.  The three men are Tyler Montrose, Juan Bruzaferri  and Alan Baggett. Thanks were given to all the nominees for their willingness to help our community.
The meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lynne Williams,
HOA Board Secretary

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