Board Meeting ~ May 24, 2018

Attending: Shon Allen, Robert Burton, Keith Johnson, Brad Shepherd, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, Ann Moorehead, Bruce Lyman, Lydia Jones and Lynne Williams
The meeting was called to order by President Brad Shepherd at 6:34pm
      Following CC&R rules, the entire Board was disbanded and a new Board was elected. New members will be serving a three year term. We would like to thank Shon Allen and Brad Shepherd for their hard work, dedication and contributions to the community.  Their 3 year terms have expired at this meeting.
 After a long discussion, a new Board was confirmed and unanimously elected.
      The new Wyngate Commons HOA Board representatives are:
                     President: Robert Burton
                     Vice President: Lydia Jones
                     Secretary: Lynne Williams
                     Treasurer: Keith Johnson
                     Members-At-Large: Bruce Lyman, Ann Moorehead and Stephanie Paller-Belgique
Congratulations and a huge THANK YOU  to the new HOA Board Members.
   1. PODS:  We are discussing whether PODS are something the Board wants to allow.  It was decided to delay this topic while Bruce is gathering more information on it.
  2. BUSHES:  We have bushes ordered and ready to be planted but we have to be confident that the landscaper has all the necessary sprinklers/drip lines in order.  Once we have all the water the new bushes need, they will be planted.
  3.  A homeowner bought a home a few months ago with a fence that has a large gap near the bottom and also is separated from the top. The home was bought with the knowledge that the fence was in this condition.  We are hiring a maintenance person and he will be looking into this situation.
   1. FIRE PITS:  Propane fire pits are allowed UNLESS they are affecting the air quality of other residents.  NO wood burning fire pits are allowed due to the potential fire hazard they may cause.
   2. TOWING: A homeowner recently had her guest’s car towed while it was parked on the street after midnight. She was requesting to have more signs put up so people will be more aware of this rule.  After discussing this, the Board decided the sign as you entered the community was adequate and it ultimately is the responsibility of the homeowner to remind/inform their guests that towing companies strictly enforce the parking rules.
  3. PARKING AT THE ROCK CHURCH: Several cars belonging to Wyngate residents are now being parked in the parking lot belonging to the Rock Church.  A few residents have spoken with the church officials and have permission and/or a parking pass.  A few residents parking there have not contacted the Church and are subject to towing.  The area is clearly marked that cars will be towed if a car belonging to a Wyngate resident is there without permission.
   4. BROKEN FENCE: The HOA community adjoining us (Auburn Fields of Draper) contacted Shon and are willing to pay for one-half of the cost of the broken fence that separates the two communities.
  5. DOGS:  A resident requested a Board member to contact an owner concerning a barking dog that can extend it’s arm through the gate.  She states the dog may be aggressive and she is afraid to have her children play on the playground since the dog’s yard borders the playground.  It was decided by the Board that dog issues should be handled either by the concerned resident contacting the owner directly or by calling Animal Control.
  6. SPRINKLERS: A resident requested to have her sprinklers checked because they have yet to come on this year.  Shon and Bruce addressed this with the landscaper and they were turned on the next day.
The next HOA meeting will be June 21st at 6:30pm.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:56pm
Respectfully submitted,
Lynne Williams
HOA Board Secretary

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