Board Meeting ~ November 17, 2018

Attending: Rob Burton, Bruce Lyman, Ann Moorehead, LydiaJones and Lynne Williams

Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm


1. Leaf pickup:  Some trees just seem to not want to drop their leaves this fall.  We don’t want to pay people to come in and collect leaves twice so we are waiting for all the leaves to fall. Also, our last fertilizer application was just done and we would like to wait for the rain to get the fertilizer off the fallen leaves and into the grass.

2. Gutters: Most of the gutters have been cleaned out, especially on the second story level.  We are still waiting for all the leaves to fall before all the lower levels will be cleaned out.

3. Light poles:  The back order on the two broken light poles is over and the new light poles have been installed!  They look wonderful.  Unfortunately, another light pole has been knocked over-this time on the Normandy side.  The light pole has been ordered, along with an extra light pole so we won’t have to wait a couple months when we need the next replacement.  Thank you Keith for spending time to get this project completed.

4. Parking and towing:  We have contacted our lawyer to review our current policies and procedures concerning parking and towing.  The lawyer will look into new and existing laws and come up with new recommendations for us.  We need to make the parking rules absolutely clear to all residents on what the board is required to do per city code. This will include the towing rules.  Then we will rewrite the rules so no one can misinterpret anything concerning parking and towing.

5. Fire hydrants:  YAY, the fire hydrants have been scraped, primed and repainted!  They look so much nicer.  Thank you Ann Moorehead, Mila Whetman, Becky Donald and Lynne Williams for donating your time to complete this tedious job.


1.  Dumpster request:  A new resident asked the board if she could store some type of dumpster in her backyard while remodeling.  It was reaffirmed that dumpsters are not allowed in the community and the board requested the homeowner to use a flat bed or van that could be stored in the garage.  The resident was very understanding and cooperative.

2.  Cyber insurance:  The board has decided that basic cyber insurance will be added to Wyngate Commons homeowner insurance.  It is approximately $135/year or about $1.70/year per household in the community.

3.  Facebook:  The Wyngate Commons facebook page was designed as a communication vehicle for residents.  It was never meant to be a complaint board.  Complaints will be redirected to the submission page on our website.  The WC facebook page will be for posting only in the future.

4.  December HOA meeting:  Traditionally, the board takes the month of December off.  It was decided that this will be the case also this year, unless something important comes up that needs our immediate attention.

Next meeting tentatively set for January 11th, 2019.

Meeting adjourned at 7:46pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Williams
Wyngate Commons HOA Board Secretary

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