Board Meeting ~ October 18, 2018

Attending: Robert Burton, Ann Moorehead, Bruce Lyman, Keith Johnson, Stephanie Paller-Belgique and Lynne Williams
Guests: Shon Allen, Mila Whetman

The meeting was called to order at 7:08pm

The Board had been notified by people reserving the pavilion that the power outlets do not work.  They do work but have been turned off for safety concerns and to keep people from using our electricity instead of their own (ex: to charge electric cars).  Shon Allen graciously volunteered to attend our meeting and show us how we can get the electricity turned on for people reserving the pavilion.  He also explained to us how we can turn the sprinklers off in order for people to set up volleyball/badminton, etc.  Currently, the sprinklers are set to go on at 8pm.  It was suggested to change that to 10pm, when all parties would have to end.  We will discuss this in the spring with our new landscapers. Thank you, Shon, for sharing your knowledge and time with us.

 1.  Stephanie Paller-Belgique has stepped down from the board due to moving out of the community.  Thank you for all the time you have given to the community, especially with heading up the successful BBQ’s we have had for the last two years. With Stephanie’s departure, we need someone to answer realtor questions from the submission forms.  Resident Mila Whetman has volunteered to team with Stephanie and take over that responsibility.  Thank you Mila!
2.  Our current landscaper, Hallmark Landscaping, is being replaced by Green Acre Landscaping on November 1st.  Hallmark has several bushes to trim to complete their contract and they said they will get it finished. We would like to thank Hallmark for their work in keeping our community looking beautiful.
3.  Back door painting did not get completed this fall but is on the schedule for the spring.
4.  Street lights: Keith has been diligent about getting new street lights for the two that were knocked down. The replacement parts take 6-8 weeks to get here.  Some parts arrived but others did not. One of the posts is back ordered. Keith will contact the electrician as soon as all the parts are here.  He also suggested to order a third street light replacement and keep it on hand so we don’t have to wait so long when the next one is knocked down. It was voted unanimously to do this.
5.  A resident is having a problem with water entering his basement in a down pour.  This has been a consistent problem with residents due to the poor landscaping from the developer.  The landscapers checked the sprinklers and the drip system and they were determined to be functioning properly.  It was decided we would pay for an additional drain to be put in and connected to the existing one. We will also pay to have dirt packed around the area and to cap the sprinkler head, if the resident desires that to be done.  The board will NOT pay to level any backyards.
6.  GUTTERS AND TREE TRIMMING: The tree trimmers will be here to start trimming on October 19th.  All gutters will be cleaned as soon as all the leaves have dropped off the trees.
 7.  A resident has complained that she has water entering and flooding her backyard due to a neighbors concrete patio sloping toward her yard.  The concrete patio has been professionally cut and the water has been directed to a drain. The homeowner with the patio has spent a significant amount of money to rectify this problem.  The board now considers this problem to be fixed and nothing else will be asked of the homeowner.

1.  PARKING:  Parking continues to be a problem.  Most residents comply by parking in their garages but there are just a few who think they can park anywhere they want.  Remember: we are a two car community and the cars are expected to be parked in your garage, not continuously on the street.  We understand there are times you need to park on the street for a short period (ex: cleaning out your garage) but it should NOT be a daily occurrence.  Also, parking is to be on the sidewalk side only.  The reason is that the streets are 25 ft wide.  If we park on both sides, the emergency vehicles (which are 11 feet wide) can NOT fit down the street.  We can be fined by Draper city for this and it is a safety issue. Parking rules are going to be rewritten by Ann to clarify the rules and to allow us to tow chronic offenders.
2.  FIRE HYDRANTS:  Our fire hydrants are in need of a new coat of paint.  Lynne, Ann and Mila will get them painted in the next two weeks.

The next board meeting will be November 15th.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Williams,
HOA Board Secretary

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