Board Meeting ~ September 12, 2019

Attending: Rob Burton, Shon Allen, Keith Johnson, Bruce Lyman, Juan Bruzaferri and Alan Baggett, and Tyler Montrone
Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm.


     1.    Door Painting and repairs:
The door painting project is near completion.  Thanks to Shon Allen for managing this project on behalf of the homeowners, and for working with the painters to remedy any defects in craftsmanship.  There are a few minor outstanding issues that have yet to be addressed by the painter.  The Board has withheld final payment until all items are fixed.

     2.  Landscaping/Flooding: 

The Board replaced approximately 50 plants throughout the community in September. The removal of these bushes caused localized irrigation failures which resulted in some property damage.  The Board is working with each homeowner to address these issues.

     3.  Reserve Analysis and 2020 Budget:
          Bruce and Keith continue to work on this requirement.   Keith committed to having a preliminary budget prepared before our next meeting.

      1.  Flood damage:
There was a recurring/ongoing irrigation issues that resulted in multiple instances of flooding for one specific homeowner.  The Board authorized the replacement of all mechanisms associated with the homeowner’s irrigation including: sprinkler valves (multiple times), control box, and wiring.  While the issue appears to be resolved, the homeowner has an open dispute with the Board related to fees.

      2.  Limited Common Maintenance:
           During the painting project, the Board noted portions of exterior doors that were in disrepair.  The Board is not responsible for replacing doors, but will assist in the painting, stucco matching, and exterior items associated with door replacement.
        3.  Southern Gate Replacement:
            As many homeowners have noted, the southern gate has been knocked down.  The gate was hit by a police vehicle stolen by an uninsured/under-insured motorist.  The Board will pursue reimbursement options associated with repairing the gate, but in all likelihood the community will simply have to bear the burden of replacement.
        4.  Board Management: 
             Rob Burton resigned his post as President.  The community thanks Mr. Burton for his distinguished service.  Bruce Lyman will act as President. The Board briefly discussed the merits and consequences of employing a community management company to handle the day to day operations of Wyngate Commons.  The matter was tabled for future discussion.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tyler Montrone, Secretary of the Board of Trustees

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