Board Meeting ~ September 13, 2018

Attending: Rob Burton, Bruce Lyman, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, Lydia Jones, Keith Johnson, Ann Moorehead and Lynne Williams
Guest: Brian Bowen

Meeting was called to order at 7:08pm

We were very fortunate to have the Wyngate Commons insurance agent, Brian Bowen, attend our meeting.  Brian is with L.A. Bowen Insurance Agency.  He explained our insurance policy to us and let us know what it covers, doesn’t cover and how to keep our rates low.  Brian has a terrific partnership with Nationwide Insurance and because of that has been able to get us a terrific price.  We will be paying $13,748 which is less than last year ($16,118). This reduction was a result of a full years billing of insurance when the deductible was increased from $5,000 to $10,000. We did not have any insurance claims submitted last year,  which is helpful.  Our deductible will remain at $10,000.  We discussed ways of keeping the premiums down-constant upkeep, an active HOA, and attention to details.  One of those details is doing things to prevent slips, trips and falls.  The Board will be looking into concrete shaving of areas we recognized as potential trip sites. If the insurance company sees that we are actively working on making the community safer for all of us, then they will be more inclined to keep the premiums lower.  A question of flooding came up. Brian stated that our area has been studied for massive flooding and there is only a 2% chance.  We are not in a flood zone. We also discussed cyber liability and earthquake insurance.  In the past we have declined earthquake insurance due to the huge premiums that come with it.  Brian will report back to us on the cost of earthquake and cyber liability.
The Board would like to thank Brian for sharing his knowledge and time with us.


1Landscaping:  Shon and Bruce have been working on this.  Our current landscaper submitted a bid and has agreed not to increase their price. Green Acres also has submitted a bid and we are waiting on two other bids to come in.

2Back door painting– We still need to get bids.  Last years contractor has moved and is no longer able to do it.

3Solar Panels:  Bruce is getting more info on this and it will be discussed next month.  We know that this subject will come up in the future and we want to be ready for it.

4Community BBQ: Stephanie is working hard to get the word out to the community about this event. Stephanie will develop a flyer and send the info out via email to all residents.  Also, flyers will be distributed to all homes and put up on the mailboxes.  The A-frame has already been up to alert residents and it will go back up again on Thursday.  The Board is certainly doing everything we can to get people involved.

5Street lights:  A couple of our street lights have been knocked over and one needs a light bulb replaced.  Keith has been in contact with the electrician and the job should be completed soon.


1Storm door handles:  For some unknown reason, the installer of our storm doors recently put two nickel door handles on the doors instead of the contracted bronze ones.  This is NOT what we have on all the other storm doors and it sticks out like a sore thumb.  The two residents involved have been notified that these handles were a mistake and must be changed. The installer has also been notified.  Hopefully, they will be able to fix this error soon.

2Pavilion:  Ann noticed that there isn’t much information on our website concerning the Pavilion.  We don’t mention about reserving it or what we expect from those using it.  Recently, we had people posting sign and balloons at the gate .  Several hours after the event ended the sign was still there.  They were asked to take the sign down and they did.  Several days later, the balloons were found caught in one of our bushes and removed by a Board member.  Ann and Lynne have agreed to come up with information on the website so this doesn’t happen again and so the community will know what we expect from those people using the pavilion (no signs at the gate, encourage people to park only on the sidewalk side of the road or offsite, all garbage must be removed, no signs nailed or stapled into the pavilion, etc). We want the pavilion to be enjoyed by everyone and look nice all the time.
Also, Keith will consult with Shon about getting power available for all people who want to use the pavilion.

3UPS/FED X deliveries:   Several residents have complained that their packages were confirmed delivered to their door step but they weren’t there.  Some of these are being delivered into the communities south of us and people have returned them to the proper addresses.  We don’t know what is happening to all the missing packages but we all need to be aware to be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

4Gutters:  Shon and Bruce are looking into getting a company to clean out the gutters before winter hits.

5Board Resignation:  Stephanie informed us that she will be moving in a few months and has to resign from the Board soon.  We hate to see you leave us Stephanie but wish you well in your new home.

Meeting adjourned: 8:31pm

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Williams
HOA Board Secretary

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