Board Meeting – Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Wyngate Commons HOA Board Meeting

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Meeting was called to order at 6:39pm

Shon Allen, Bruce Lyman, Brad Shepherd, Jim Westbrook, Angi Brown, Jason Sweat and Lynne Williams.


1. Road Sealing
A mass email went out to all members last week. Detailed flyers were attached to everyone’s door yesterday. A second flyer will go out to the entire community on Monday, July 18th. Every effort is being made to be sure all members have been well informed about what is happening and when they need to have their cars out of the community.

2. Ballots
Angie informed us that we have 37 yes’s and 5 no’s. We need 11 more yes’s to pass, but would prefer to have 50 to be on the safe side. Bruce and Jason have more people to contact. July 31st is our goal to have all the ballots in.
Jason reminded us that last month we did discuss the section in the new CC&R rules that stated we could increase HOA fees by a certain percentage. Shon has talked to our attorney about this section and we legally can omit this statement.

3. Outside lighting
Jim handed out a comparison chart of LED lights vs. Incandescent Light Bulbs vs. CFLs. Since the prices have come down so much, we will be converting to LEDs. The cost will be about $5.00 per home and to the homeowners benefit to convert. It was decided that we would not buy in huge quantities because the cost continues to come down.

4. Garage Doors
Shon shared flyers about insulated steel garage doors. Bruce and the Blakes will be testing these doors. The Blakes door will be beige and Bruce will test the brown door. The test doors are more resistant to denting and are insulated. The test doors will cost about $2200 and they include the new track, rollers and springs. The installation will be on August 4th. Currently the temperatures in the garage may exceed 100 degrees so the new insulated doors should be a big improvement. There are four different grades of doors. The homeowner can decide what grade is best for them and pay the difference if they choose a higher R value. The doors have a lifetime limited warranty and are the traditional door panel (no windows). The test will continue for approximately one year.

5. Landscaping
Sprinklers are being attended to. Plum tree dropping is a problem.

6. Garage Sale
July 30th with the Rock Church from 8am-2pm. It will be held on the grassy area North of the Church. It is outside our gate so no one inside our community will be inconvenienced with traffic, noise, etc.

7. Future topics

  • Front doors-paint or replace
  • Coach/carriage lighting
  • Roofs
  • Driveways
  • Possibly raising HOA fees
  • New speed limit signs

8. The next meeting is set for August 11th, 6:30pm at Shon’s house

9. Meeting adjourned at 7:42

Lynne Williams
Wyngate Commons HOA Board Secretary

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