Board Meeting – Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Wyngate Commons HOA Board Meeting

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Attending: Shon Allen, Bruce Lyman, Brad Shepherd, Jim Westbrook, Angi Brown, Jason Sweat and Lynne Williams

Meeting started at 6:15pm in order to watch an outside garbage can cleaning demonstration from Cantastic. This company cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes garbage cans with water that is heated to 195-200 degrees. Any contamination from the garbage can is contained in the Cantastic truck. Representative Karl stated that Cantastic would follow the Draper City garbage collection truck, clean all cans and leave them by the curb. This process would require three Cantastic trucks and take approximately 4 hours to complete. Board members were impressed with the cleaning results. After the demonstration, the Board had a lengthy discussion on providing this as a community service. It was decided with a unanimous vote to hire Cantastic to clean our 80 garbage cans, NOT the recycle cans, once this fall (possibly Nov 3rd) and again this summer. The total cost for doing this will be $1200. The Board will review this service after the second cleaning to see if we want to continue this or if homeowners will need to contact Cantastic individually for further service.


1. Shupe lights: Shon left two messages and received no calls back. We still have unresolved issues including the broken fence, their silt still messing up our property and the parking lot night lights being too bright and shining into homeowners homes. Shon will continue to try to get them.

2. Moles: the exterminators were here again two weeks ago but we continue to have trouble with these resilient varmints. Shon will contact the exterminators again to come out to take care of the problem.

3. Brad was going to check with Draper City to see if we can get a list of who owns which garbage cans by their registration numbers. He did not have time to do this but did notice that the chronic offenders pulled their cans in on time lately.

4. Landscape bids: Board members had a lengthy discussion concerning landscape bids as the current contract expires October 31st. As required, three contract bids were received and bid summaries were handed out by Shon. These included our current contractor Summerhays, our previous contractor Utah Lawn and a bid from Hallmark Landscaping. Hallmark has experience with HOA’s. Shon and Bruce met with a Hallmark representative and were impressed with him and what he has to offer us. His written bid, however, was very generalized and we are requiring a more detailed summary.
Bruce made a motion to hire Hallmark if they:

A. Decrease their price to $3100 per month (currently they want $3150/month).
B. Detail their bid to include all the specifics that were discussed in the face to face meeting. This would include the same or similar proposals the other companies quoted and a $25/hr cost for additional jobs that may be required throughout the year but are not specifically written in the contract.

The motion passed unanimously.


1. The street light on Tuscan View was hit by a neighbor and needs to be repaired/replaced. The neighbor is taking charge of fixing it. We will be sure it is done quickly and correctly.

2. Snow Melt: Do we want to order it again for each homeowner? After a long discussion, it was decided not to order it for every household. Many people never used it and it was paid with the HOA’s money. However, we do feel it should be available for anyone if they want/need to use it. The North facing homes may especially need it. It was decided that snow melt will be available in every pod at a convenient location. The best place to put the snow melt will be discussed at a later date.

3. Holiday Decor: Many homeowners will be decorating the outside of their homes for the upcoming holidays. We will be reminding people NOT to put nails or screws into the door or the stucco. Holiday decor must be taken down by January 15th. This notice will be included in the flyer we will be distributing concerning the Cantastic details.

4. HOA Budget: we very briefly talked about this. The budget must be approved at the November meeting. Brad, Shon and LaDonna will get together concerning this and present their findings at the next meeting.

5.  Next meeting is Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Meeting adjourned at 7:36pm

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