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Save the Date: Our Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 22nd at 6:30 at the pavilion.

Please plan to attend.  We have some important matters to discuss which concern all of us.  We will also be voting for new Board Members and Community Gate.  Refreshments will be provided!

Items to be discussed:

*  Parking
*  Pet Rules
*  Garbage Cans
*  Door Painting
*  Accomplishments and Goals for 2011-12
*  Q & A

Since we are all members of the Wyngate community, we need to have 100% participation of our fellow home owners.

A proxy vote Ballot was sent to your home if you are a home owner.  If you absolutely will not be able to attend, please designate your proxy vote and who will present it in your behalf  for consideration at the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Your HOA Board

Pets and Children Reminders:

  • Now that it’s nice weather, children and pets will be out to play.  Please be courteous of your neighbors and protect our landscaping around the community.  Pick up after pets immediately.  Pets are required to be on leash at all times, so it would be hard to overlook if you pet leaves a mess.    Children should be supervised on streets and play equipment at all times. Children and pets should not be allowed to play in the rock fountain at the entrance to Wyngate Commons.  This water feature may contain chemicals to reduce growth of algae.  Our fences are expensive to maintain.  Please make sure children do not climb or throw objects at the fences (rocks, balls, Frisbees, etc.)

Garbage Can Reminders:

  • Garbage is picked up every Thursday.  Note:  Recycling is only picked up every other week.
  • Make sure cans are put out no earlier than Wednesday night and put away inside garagesno later than Friday morning.  Violation of this rule will incur a $50 fine.
  • The garbage collector has asked that we remind residents to place cans 2 feet apart for efficient operation of collection truck.

Parking Reminders:

  • Our parking spots within this 2-car community are at a premium.  No resident vehicles are allowed in visitor parking spots. If you require an additional spot permanently, there are leased spots available on the west side for $50/mo.  Apply by submission form on Website.  If you need temporary parking for a GUEST, apply via submission form as well.  If you are experiencing a temporary need for additional parking, please fill out a submission form explaining your situation.
  • If your vehicle is towed as result of a parking violation, contact Speedy Towing at 801-619-1111.

Please contact your Board Members to volunteer to serve on the Board, nominate someone to serve on the Board, or to discuss any of the above-mentioned reminders by completing a submission for on the website.

Happy Spring!