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Your Wyngate Commons HOA Board of Trustees works hard to make this community one of the best in the area.  We want to share with all of you some news and exciting events.

1) ANNUAL MEETING: The yearly HOA meeting will be held on Thursday, May 17th, at 7pm at the pavilion.  We have numerous matters to discuss to ensureyou are informed about your community. Please plan to attend.  Light refreshments will be provided.  You will receive an official notice of the meeting in the mail in the coming weeks. The annual meeting is the ONLY document we will mail out.  All other communication will be by email.  Please be sure we have your current email on hand.  If you aren’t sure, please see the link on the website. We will continue to deliver hard copies to those few people who do not have computers or who have requested them.


2) WE NEED BOARD MEMBERS!!  Three of our current members’ terms will expire this year and we would love to work with YOU. Terms are 3 year commitments.  We welcome you to submit any Board nomination(s). If you are unable to work as one of the board members, please consider helping out the community. We are putting together a group to plant flowers by the gate and need volunteers. We also need people to help pick up trash while you are walking around our loop.  There are so many things you could help with without being on the Board.  The small things all add up to big things!  If you are interested, please fill out the Submission Form on our website.


3) SPRING CLEAN UP DUMPSTER: We will have a dumpster available for residents from April 27th-29th.  It will be placed in the Southeast corner of the community. Please break down boxes to ensure we have room for everyone’s junk. Having the dumpster available will make your spring cleaning so much easier!


4) GARAGE SALE: Why dump it when you can sell it?  Wyngate Commons has had garage sales the last two years with the Rock Church.  They have been very successful and fun for everyone.  Before we approach the Rock Church about another sale, we would like to know if we have enough interested people this year.  Please let us know if you are interested in participating by fill out the Submission Form. 


5) CAR PROGRAMMING FOR THE GATE: Are you rolling down your car window to enter your gate code into the pad? Why?  Most cars can be easily programmed to open the gate directly.  If you would like your car programmed, please let us know on the Submission Form.


6) SHRUBS AND TREES: The Board is replacing several shrubs and trees this Spring.  Many shrubs are over 10 years old and have just exceeded their life expectancy.  The shrubs in front of the ramblers are especially bad and will be replaced as soon as the water is turned on.  Keep your fingers crossed that all this rain has helped to keep us out of a drought status this year.  If we can’t get the water we need, we may not be planting as we had hoped.  New shrubs and trees need extra water and we don’t want to plant if we know we can’t get them watered properly.  We will keep you informed on the water status as we know it.  We are hoping to get our water turned on between April 10th and 15th this year.  


7) STORM/SCREEN DOORS AND RAILINGS: With the warm weather coming, screen doors are available for both the front and back doors.  The back doors are the retractable screens and the front doors are a screen/storm door combination. A few people already have purchased these doors and love them.  They are optional. Our residents also have the option of getting railings for your front and back steps. To learn more about the doors and railings, please contact us via (you guessed it) the Submission Form on our website.


8) FACEBOOK:  We are trying to keep the community informed by using our very own Facebook page.  If you aren’t yet a member, please consider joining us. It is “Wyngate Commons Community in Draper” and it will help keep you up on everything going on.


9) UPCOMING COMMUNITY PARTY:  The Board is excited to again hold a summer community party.  This is currently a work in progress. Last year we had hamburgers and hot dogs along with all the fixings and also a bounce house for the kids.  It was fun.  In the fall we had a s’mores party and used the fire pit.  Stay tuned for the next theme and the date. If you have suggestions for a community party, please let us know.


10) TENNIS/PICKLE BALL NET: Your HOA Board is currently looking into getting a net and fixing the hardware on the poles to hold the net for the tennis/pickleball/volleyball court in the back of the community.  We have that nice court and we might as well have fun using it!  If this is something you feel would be a good use of your HOA dues and that you would use, let us know.


11) PAINTING AND REPAIRING OF BACK DOORS: The doors on homes on Normandy Loop and Tuscan View were completed last year.  We anticipate to complete the painting and repairing of the back doors on all the homes on Wyngate this year.  Weather stripping can also be added, if you desire, for a $20.00 fee.

12) LANDSCAPING: Spring fertilization and aeration has begun!  Sprinkler water is expected to be turned on between April 10th and 15th.  We expect our mowing day will begin Friday, April 6th and we will alert you if it is different.  Please ensure pet waste is cleaned up (they will not mow with feces in the yard) and gates are unlocked.  Also, the landscapers will keep the back gates open until they leave so please keep all pets inside on mowing day.


13) UPCOMING PROJECTS:  The Board is looking into repairing several concrete driveways with a new type of coating. It is cheaper than replacing the cement and may last just as long.  Also, we are looking at replacing the outside light fixtures with a more modern style. 


14) RESERVED PARKING SPACES: We are happy to announce that we have two reserved parking spots available in the back of the community.  These can be rented, for $50/month, on a first come/first served basis for those residents who qualify. If you are interested, please complete a Submission Form.



1) DOGS: We have several beautiful dogs of different breeds and sizes happily living with us at Wyngate Commons.  Please be aware that Draper law states all dogs being walked MUST BE ON A LEASH. This includes the dogs playing in the back by the tennis court. If your dog demands more exercise than it can get on a leash, please check out the Draper Dog Park as it is awesome!  Also, please pick up after your dog.  Keep in mind, the fire pit in the back is NOT a garbage can!! Do NOT dump your dog waste in there and expect someone else to clean it up.  We have a doggie bag station in the front and the back of the community that always have doggie bags available for your use. Please use the doggie bags and keep your dogs on a leash to keep the community both safe and pristine.


2) GARBAGE CANS: In order to keep our community looking its best, please return your garbage cans into your garage (they are NOT allowed in driveways or backyards) the night of the trash collection.  No one wants to look at an ugly garbage can for days.  Fines are issued for this offense.  Also, please clearly mark your street number on your garbage can so you can get the correct one back on windy days.



RESIDENT PARKING: Parking continues to be our biggest problem in the community.  Please obey all the parking rules to avoid being towed.  Resident’s cars are expected to be parked in the garage. Remember, absolutely NO parking in the driveways, especially in front of a garage door.  If you choose to park in the driveway, your car will be towed without warning. The driveways are considered a “fire lane” by Draper City.  It is the Boards obligation and responsibility to have any car in the driveway towed without notice. Trailers, RVs, boats and other recreational vehicles are not permitted to be parked in the community at any time.

GUEST PARKING: The spaces designated throughout the community as GUEST PARKING are for guests of the community ONLY.  Resident’s vehicles found in the guest parking and visitor’s vehicles remaining in guest parking intermittently or continuously for over 48 hours are subject to towing at the owner’s expense, unless prior arrangements have been approved by the Board.  If you have a guest who may need to park in the visitor space for more than 48 hours in a 7 day period, please contact the Board for extended visitor pass options.  Also, please let your guests know that street parking is permitted on the SIDEWALK SIDE ONLY. If we are parking on both sides of the street and have a large vehicle, emergency vehicles may not be able to get through. This may also impede snow removal and landscaping trucks. So please, park on the sidewalk side of the road (but not ON the sidewalk) and inform your guests of this rule. Also, residents should NOT be using the street as their space.  Street parking is intended for visitors. Please contact the board if you need special parking consideration. We try hard to accommodate everyone as we understand things can get complicated. With the summer holidays approaching and with family and friends coming to visit, we need to be aware of the parking rules and inform our visitors of them.


4) SPEED LIMIT: Please remember the speed limit in the community is 10 mph.  It is important to slow down for everyone’s safety.

Have a wonderful spring and a memorable summer!


~Your Wyngate Commons HOA Board of Trustees

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