Board Meeting ~ January 11, 2018

ATTENDING: Brad Shepherd, Shon Allen, Bruce Lyman, Ann Moorehead and  Lynne Williams
Excused: Stephanie Paller-Belgique and Jason Sweat

Meeting called to order at 6:34pm


1.  The security cameras are installed at the front gate!!! YAY!!  Over the years, we have had people sliding/running into the gate and it has been very expensive to repair it. No one claimed responsibility.  Now, if it happens again, we will be able to know who did it and charge them for the repairs.  The cameras will help keep our community safer because we can track who comes and goes.  We certainly don’t want to infringe on peoples privacy but if there happens to be an incident, we now can identify who may have been involved.  Thank you Bruce Lyman and Shon Allen for all the time you put into finding the perfect camera for our needs.

2.  Rule infringement fee schedule:

The Board decided on a fee schedule for chronic rule breakers (ex: leaving garbage cans out for days after collection).  People will first be given a written warning, if the infringement happens again they will be charged $50.00.  If the rule is broken again, within a 12 month period, they will be charged $100.00 for each incident.  This fee schedule will be added to the Rules on the website.

3.  Broken fence:

We will try to get the landscapers to fix the fence in the Southwest corner of the community.  Some slats are missing and need to be replaced.

4.  Shared area:

One of our commercial neighbors has paid in full for their part of the shared expenses for the road and landscaping along 11620 S.  Bruce and Shon will personally talk with the other neighbor about the payment and a couple other unresolved items.


1.  Parking:

Ann Moorehead discussed issues she is having with people not following our parking rules.  Ann has done a wonderful job resolving several parking problems that residents are having.  We continue to work with a few residents to help them understand that the rules are for everyone benefit and must be followed.

We recently had emergency vehicles come into the community to help with a resident in need.  Draper’s newest vehicle is huge and probably would not have been able to fit down the road if people were parking on both sides of the street.  PLEASE, parking is allowed on the sidewalk side ONLY for this very reason.  It is up to the residents to inform your guests where to park.  Let’s keep everyone safe by parking on the sidewalk side of the street.

2.  Water Pro:

Water Pro has informed us that this summers supply of irrigation water could be very limited if we don’t get more precipitation.  We get our water from Utah Lake and we hope we get much more snow/rain in the next couple of months so we don’t have to go into a drought situation.

Next meeting is set for Thursday, February 15th.

Board Meeting ~ November 30, 2017

ATTENDING: Brad Shepherd, Shon Allen, Jason Sweat, Ann Moorehead and Lynne Williams
Excused: Bruce Lyman and Stephanie Paller-Belgique

Meeting called to order at 6:40pm.


Bruce found the link to order our two cameras.  They are $180 each. Shon showed us the sign that he had made up to warn people they are under surveillance.  It looks great!  Hopefully, the cameras and the sign will be installed soon.

Most of the doors on Normandy Loop and Tuscan View are completed with just a few exceptions.  We will be assessing the durability of the paint in the spring.

Five doors and six railings have been installed and everyone is happy.  Our seniors especially are thankful for the railings.  Several people have expressed interest in the screen doors in the spring.
Lynne will get a copy of the contractors license and a copy of the certificate of insurance from the company.

The party was a success and lots of fun.  Each event we have is attended by more residents.  Thank you, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, for your hard work in putting this all together.

Brad has a tally of the people who are violating our garbage can rules and keeping the unsightly cans in their back yards.  A letter will be sent out to these offenders.  Also, one person is keeping a kayak in their yard and they also will receive a letter informing them to remove the kayak.

Several new trees have been planted on the property.  Also, the final lawn fertilization will be done next week.

We will ask the landscapers if they have time to fix the broken slats in the fence.

The Rock Church has responded to our letter with some questions.  Shon and Bruce will go personally to talk to the involved people at the Shupe Building.


Recently, the Board notified a resident of leaking oil from their guests truck(s).  We are happy to report the oil has been successfully cleaned up and we would like to thank the resident for her quick action on this matter.



Shon and Ann attended a seminar on new HOA rules and regulations.  They presented a handout of the slides and the new information.  We discussed in length whether we need to have a mission statement for the HOA.  We know that we don’t discriminate against people for race, sexual orientation, religion, etc but do we need a statement to say that on the HOA website?  Too much information in a mission statement may get us into trouble also.

We need to develop a monetary fee schedule for offenses and then post these fines in the Rules.

Brad updated the parking violation form to include some important missing information.  If a Board member issues a form on a car, they will inform the entire HOA Board so we will be aware that the violation has been addressed.

Some of the concrete driveways are in bad shape and may be resealed this year.  We continue to investigate how well the resealing is holding up on the test driveway which was resealed last year.

Shon presented the entire 2017 budget and the proposed 2018 budget.  It was determined that no increase in HOA fees was needed!  The budget will go out to homeowners soon.

Meeting adjourned at 8pm.

Next HOA meeting will be on January 11th.

Board Meeting ~ November 1, 2017

Attending: Brad Shepherd, Shon Allen, Bruce Lyman, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, Ann Moorehead, Lynne Williams


The meeting was called to order at 6:38pm.



  1. Video camera for the gate:  Bruce has found a video camera to fit all our specifications for approximately $168.  It will record for 48 hours which is plenty of time for us to notice any problems with the gate.  Bruce will purchase 2 cameras for the gate, one for the entrance and one for the exit.  Shon has already ordered security signs which will be put up soon.  Our electrician will install the cameras.


  1. Back door painting: Stephanie went around Normandy Loop and Tuscan View today with Dan to record the progress on the back doors.  There are a few that remain unfinished but Dan hopes to finish those up this week.  Some homeowners have been difficult to contact to complete their doors.


  1. Front storm/screen doors: Five homeowners have currently ordered the doors.  We hope to get the doors installed by the middle of the month.  Many people are considering getting the doors but want to see them installed first before they order one.


  1. Parking:  Special parking requests have kept Ann busy the last couple of weeks. Ann has been able to accommodate all recent resident’s special requests. Also, Ann had a new resident request a paid parking spot in the back and this request has been granted.  We currently have two open reserved spaces remaining.


Despite previous flyers and a recent email, we continue to have people not follow the parking rules. It was decided to put notices on the cars belonging to people who habitually disobey the rules. A picture will be taken of the notice and the car as proof that the car owner was notified.  If the owner continues to break the parking rules, the car will be towed.  With the holidays coming, we need every space we can get to be available for our guests.  Residents parking in guest parking spots will NOT be tolerated.


  1. Garbage cans:  People are still storing their unsightly, smelly garbage cans in their back yard.  This is against the rules.  No one wants to see or smell their neighbors garbage.  Garbage cans MUST be stored in garages.  The Board will start a tally of who is storing their cans in their back yard and address the issue with the owners.  Also, owners who have unsightly back yards will also be notified. The back yards are “limited common areas” and affect us all because we are so close together.  We need to be respectful of our neighbors and clean things up in the backyard.


  1. Tree Planting: Several trees will be planted next week.  The landscapers will be doing more trimming of the bushes and decorative grasses around the houses.  Also, now that the leaves are off the trees, the winter fertilizer will be put down soon.


  1. Back fence repair:  Bruce did not have the material to fix the open space in the back vinyl fence but will purchase what he needs and get the fence repaired.


  1.  Most of us don’t realize  that the street we use to enter our community (11620 S.) and the green area surrounding it is a shared area.  It is maintained by Wyngate Commons but used also by The Rock Church and the Shupe building employees. We have  a contract stating everyone will pay 1/3 of the expenses for this shared area.  Shared expense invoices for the Rock Church and the Shupe Office Building recently have been sent out.




  1. A/R Balance:  Brad looked over the A/R report and noted that it looked ok.  There still are a few people behind in their HOA payments due to paying the old HOA fees even though the new ones increased months ago.


  1. Hot Chocolate and treat bar:  Stephanie has many ideas on creating a hot chocolate and treats night on November 18that the Pavilion.  A fire will be made and everyone can create their own s’more.  Lynne will get the A-frame signs out reminding people of the date.


  1. Greeting new residents:  Lynne has agreed to take this project on.  It involves meeting new residents, answering their questions and concerns while reminding them of the rules that go along with the HOA.  Ann has agreed to help also.


  1. Loose dog complaints:  Several residents have complained about a resident who allows his large dog to roam the area off leash.  We have been very specific in flyers and emails that Draper City requires dogs to be ON LEASH.  It was recommended that Draper Animal Control would be the place to contact to help solve this problem.


Meeting adjourned at 8:03pm

Board Meeting ~ October 11, 2017

Board members attending: Brad Shepherd, Shon Allen, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, Ann Moorehead, Jason Sweat, Bruce Lyman and Lynne Williams


Guest attending: Martin Wesseler.


Meeting was called to order at 6:35pm by President Brad Shepherd.


Mr. Wesseler discussed some problems he is having with his newly purchased home that he believed the HOA should be responsible for.  The dead spots in his grass and his air vent cover have been addressed.  Our landscapers will soon be spreading the fall fertilizer and this should take care of the weeds in his backyard lawn. He is concerned about his window well flooding from future heavy rains and wanted the HOA to have someone look at his gutters.  It was decided the HOA would hire contractor Dan Moon to look at the gutters and help resolve this problem. Inserts may be needed.





The landscaper has re-sodded all dead areas on the grass.  This problem has been taken care of.



The voles near the Harmons gate have been exterminated.



Shon had Jeff Hansen from Glover Nursery come out to assess our need for bushes and trees. Many of our bushes are dying due to the high salt concentration secondary to the water from Utah Lake. He noted our bushes had an iron deficiency but it would be cheaper to replace the bush rather than treat it.  He listed several recommendations for replacement bushes and trees along with the cost.  It was decided that we would replace dead trees this fall and replace the bushes in the spring.



Bruce reported on the status of security cameras for the gate.  We need cameras that will have a USB port and be able to store information for at least 48 hours.  Costco or Best Buy may have the stick type that we desire.  We need a camera that has motion activation and night vision.  We also need to get signs letting people know that we have security cameras and they are being monitored.



Jared Shupe has not been very cooperative on repairing our wall panels he broke while constructing his building.  Instead of getting lawyers involved right away, it was decided to talk to him first.



The fence in the Southwest corner of the community has some slats missing.  A resident recently was vandalized and claims this is how the people got into the community. Bruce volunteered to fix the fence this weekend.



Shon, Stephanie, Lynne and probably Brad will be attending the home show this Friday night to get more information from vendors concerning our desire to offer screen/storm doors to the community.  By attending the home show, the Board members will be able to get ideas and hopefully better prices than we could from just the showrooms.



The section in our rules and regulations on guest parking needs to be update and clarified.  Lynne will get this rewritten and submitted to Kim.



Dan Moon has completed most of the back door painting on the homes on Normandy Loop Ln and also Tuscan View.  Hopefully the weather will hold so he can finish with the rest.



Lynne gave an update on the search for storm/screen doors for our front doors.  We found that our doors are not a standard size and we will need to have each door custom made.  We picked three styles to choose from and it was decided by the Board to go with a classic, simple door.  Currently, the doors will cost about $650 installed.  The more people who sign up for the doors, the greater the chance of getting a better price for the door. Now that we have narrowed down our search, we can go into the Utah Home Show to see if we can get better prices.


Next HOA Board meeting will be November 1, 2017


Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm

Board Meeting ~ September 13, 2017

Attending: Brad Shepherd, Shon Allen, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, Jason Sweat, Ann Moorehead, Bruce Lyman and Lynne Williams
The meeting was called to order at 6:40pm
                                                            OLD BUSINESS
The landscapers have completed sodding the dead grass areas on Normandy Loop.  They need to reorder more sod and will be back to complete the job on Wyngate Pointe and Tuscan View.
We have the green light to replace all the dead bushes along the fence at the front of the community.  This will cost the community approximately $2,000.  We discussed using a clump of 2-3 burning bushes alternating with red flowering Yucca plants.  The bushes are $50 each installed. Also, several of the worst Cherry bushes planted in front of the ramblers will be replaced this fall, at a cost of about $1,500.   Lynne will inspect and record the homes that need to have bushes replaced now and the rest will be done in the spring.  Also, all the tall bushes lining the fence just west of the front mailbox will be replaced in the spring. 
Now that the weather is cooler, the landscaper can continue to trim the rest of the bushes that were not trimmed previously.  The landscapers stopped trimming the Boxwoods as they are well known for “burning” when they are trimmed in hot weather.
NO residents are allowed to park in visitor parking spaces.  We only have 16 visitor spaces for all 80 homes and we need to reserve them for visitors to our residents.  Residents parking in these spaces will be towed.
Also, we have received complaints that long trucks are being parked in visitor parking.  These trucks are obstructing access to the sidewalk and forcing people to walk in the street.  It was decided that Lynne will have Kim update in the rules that no vehicle parked in visitor parking may obstruct those using the sidewalk.  They are welcome to use unreserved spots open in the back.  Vehicles obstructing the sidewalk will receive a notice and be towed if the notice is ignored.
Bruce informed us that there is a car in the Harmons pod that recently caught on fire and is awaiting the insurance company to inspect it. He requested that the HOA not tow this car due to the circumstances.  
The rules say that the parking permits in the back of the community are NOT transferable.  We have a concern that a permit holder is allowing someone else to park in her space.  We also are not sure if this spot is being paid for.  Ann will research this with LaDonna and get back to us.
One half of the back doors on Normandy and Tuscan View have been repaired/primed and painted.  Most people are requesting Dan to replace the weatherstripping.  Hopefully, Dan will be able to finish the other half of the homes by the October 10th deadline. The homes on Wyngate Pointe will be painted in the spring.
                                                           NEW BUSINESS
Our current landscape contractor will service us for next year for the same cost as this year.  Generally, we are very happy with his performance.  We have noticed that some weeds are back and we should consider him doing the winter application (October 1st) in the liquid form.  We do need to get a bid from him to do this.
We also discussed the tall grass growing up the fence posts. The landscaper is not able to cut this grass with the trimmer without possibly damaging the post.  He offered to put grass killer on the areas but this would leave unsightly dead spots.
There is a continuous, repulsive water leak on the sidewalk by the playground.  This has been leaking for a while and we will have the landscapers look into this.  
Ann discussed the possibility of having the landscapers clean out the rain gutters of the one story homes.  We will need a bid on this.
Brad was unable to check with Draper City to find out who owns the garbage can that has been left out on the street for a full week.  He will continue to try to find out who owns it and take action concerning it.
Window air conditioners are forbidden in our CC&R’s.  One resident has one in their window.  It is unsightly and noisy for neighbors.  A certified letter will be sent to the offending resident to remove it.
The HOA will be attending the home show to look at various options for front door screen doors.  The best time may be on Friday, October 13th in the evening.  Screen doors are something that have been asked for by several residents and will be reviewed by the HOA.
The water structure’s pond was clogged and spilled water over the area.  Bruce was able to turn if off, unplug it and turn it back on.  Thanks Bruce!
Next HOA meeting will be October 11th, 2017 at 6:30pm.
Meeting adjourned at 8:02pm

Board Meeting ~ August 16, 2017

Attending: Brad Shepherd, Shon Allen, Jason Sweat, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, Lynne Williams, guests Martin Wesseler and Julie Burkholder

Excused: Ann Moorehead and Bruce Lyman

The meeting was called to order at 6:36pm.

We were fortunate to have LaDonna Peterman join us for the meeting.  LaDonna does the bookkeeping for Wyngate Commons.  She is in charge of billing everyone for the monthly HOA dues, the monthly $50 fees for an extra parking spot, keeping track of expenses we have charged on the HOA charge card, etc.  We have been fortunate enough to have had her services for the last 10 years.  She stated that there were still a few people who had coupon booklets for the HOA fees but those are outdated and no longer offered.  Many people send their fees to her directly every month.  Our preferred method of payment, because it is easy to set up and less time consuming,  is the automatic monthly withdrawal from a persons checking account.  Because of the advantages of this payment method, Lynne will ask Kim to include this on the website to make it easy for future homeowners.  This same method can be used for monthly parking fees.

It was a delight to get to meet LaDonna and to have her explain all the jobs she does for us.  THANK YOU LADONNA!!



Shon and the landscapers have been keeping an eye on the dead grass spots created by over fertilizing.  We had hoped the spots would begin to grow back on their own. Unfortunately, there are many spots that are just not recuperating.  The landscaper has agreed to re-sod the dead spots next week. This will help the community look pristine again.


Shon is getting bids on the prices to replace dead/dying bushes and decorative grasses.  We have not seen a vole in the community since the last time the exterminator was here.  We have many dead bushes along the brick wall on the Southeast side of the community that need to be replaced.  Most HOA members preferred replanting the burning bushes there.  Also, many of the sand cherries in front of the ramblers have died.  These were designed to hide the electrical boxes while allowing the utility workers access to them.  We are still deciding on whether to replant the sand cherries or to put other plants in their place.  Several of the boxwoods and decorative grasses in the community need to be replaced also.


It seems that several residents think it is ok to park in the visitor parking spaces.  IT IS NOT!! These habitual offenders will be towed.  We only have 16 spots in the community for guests and residents can not be taking away spots from visitors. Also, some of the big trucks are blocking the sidewalk as they park near the playground.  They will be towed.


The offending homeowner still has not cleaned this up.  Brad will look into it further.


Stephanie gave us a recap on the bbq.  It was very well advertised and organized.  About 20 people showed up and had a great time.  The food was plentiful and delicious.  We are hoping to make this a yearly event and to have more people participate in the future.  We are also considering sending out a flyer to see what the best month/day would be for the event.  We talked about having a s’more party at the pavilion for all residents this fall.


Dan Moon continues to prep and paint the back doors on the Normandy Loop and Tuscany side of the community. These doors MUST be finished by October 10th and the door painting will be continued on the Wyngate side in the spring.


New homeowner Martin Wesseler and his daughter Julie Burkholder had several questions for us about the move in process and the community rules.  Unfortunately, their realtor did not inform them that all our policies and procedures are on our website. Julie asked about what would happen if the power went out and she needed our gate to open.  Fortunately, the gate runs on battery (DC) power so an electrical power failure would not affect the gate.  When the battery is low, the gate will stay opened until the battery is replaced.  The key pad, however, will NOT work in a power failure so people choosing to use the key pad to come in will not be able to open the gate.  Also, the gate stays open during times of high use (in the morning and after work) to help with wear and tear on the gate.

Julie and Martin also asked when the area will get plowed and shoveled this winter.  The policy is that we have to have at least 2 inches of snow on the ground and it must no longer be snowing before the plows come in.  Our landscapers take care of the sidewalks, steps, driveways and the road. Ice melt is available to people who ask for it.

After listening to Martin and Julie’s concerns about not knowing what to do as a new homeowner, the Board decided that we should revisit having a Welcome Committee again.  The community used to have one but it was not well received and therefore disbanded.  We will review this.


Many residents have inquired about screen/storm doors for their front doors.  In the past, these were not allowed as we wanted the community to all look the same.  The idea has once again resurfaced.  The architectural committee must approve the design, color, etc in order to ensure uniformity.  We also want a good quality door that will last for years and still look good.  We want to get the doors from a speciality store that has been in business for a while to ensure the style will still be available for years to come.  Lynne will check into this and will report back next month. Most Board members were receptive to having screen/storm doors.

Next HOA Board meeting will be September 13th, 2017.

Board Meeting ~ July 19, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Brad at 6:38pm

Attending: Brad Shepherd, Shon Allen, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, Ann Moorehead, Lynne Williams

Excused: Bruce Lyman, Jason Sweat



     Jeff Thomas has volunteered to take care of outside burned out light bulbs on a temporary basis until we can find someone to do it permanently.  Thanks Jeff!!



Brad checked into the areas where people have caused unsightly damage to the community.  Most of the oil stains have been taken care of.  There are some oil stains in the back parking lot that have to be addressed. The gold spray paint on the front porch of one resident is still there and looks horrible.  Brad will draft an email to the offending person to get them to clean up the area.



There have been an overwhelming amount of submission forms presented to the Board recently.  One person should not have to answer all of these. Brad came up with a great idea. The submission forms will be given to a Board member who deals with that particular “specialty”.  For example: someone will handle parking problems/complaints/requests, someone will answer the landscaping concerns, another person will handle property management requests, someone will address new gate codes, etc.  This splits up the tremendous time it takes to answer the submission requests between all the Board members. Also, home inspectors reports are becoming increasingly nit picky.  It is not our job to complete their entire list.  We certainly will address major problems, however.

NOTE:  the Board will not respond to renters directly.  If renters have concerns, they have to get the landlord involved.  If the landlord can’t handle it, they should submit a form to the Board and the Board will then respond directly to the owner.



     Stephanie has put a lot of work into this project.  She has reserved a bounce house and tables and chairs. Due to insurance restraints covering the bounce house, we are allowing only Wyngate Commons residents to attend this event. We will put out two eblasts-one ASAP and the second a few days before the event.  We will also have flyers put out.  We are supplying hamburgers, hot dogs and rolls and are asking the residents to bring a dish to share.  We really need everyone to RSVP in order to get a good handle on how much meat and rolls to purchase.  We are spending a significant amount of money on this fun event and want it to be very successful and an enjoyable event for all residents. We hope all Board members will attend and mingle with the residents.

NOTE: Stephanie is in need of people to volunteer to supervise the bounce house.  We will send out a notice for Board members to sign up for a time slot (the house will be up from 4-7pm)



     We recently became aware that our past reserved parking supervisor was not following through with the requirements of the job. Ann has volunteered to take over this project.  Ann has to start from scratch on this as the detailed parking book seems to be lost. With the help of Shon, we have identified who is parking where.  Ann will send out new parking requests for these people to sign up again and will contact LaDonna to bill them.  We do have some spots available so we will soon start advertising that.  People must qualify as per the parking form (on our website, under CC&R’s-parking).  Leases are for a 6 month period but occasionally we will rent a spot for a month or so if there are spots available.  The cost is $50 per month.



     Dan Moon has started painting back doors on Normandy Loop.  Five houses are currently being prepped.  Most people are requesting that Dan put on new weather stripping so we need to keep track of that. It is $20 for the weather stripping. The painting will continue until all homes have been done.



     Trimming of bushes has started on Normandy Loop. Tree trimming is soon to be done also.

NOTE:  The Board is aware of all the dead spots on the nice green lawn.  It is not due to sprinklers failing, but rather too much fertilizer being applied.  The landscaper recently purchased a new spreader and is still learning how to regulate the fertilizer correctly.  The grass is already regrowing in several spots.


Next HOA meeting: Wednesday, August 16th, 2017, 6:30pm at Shon’s house.

Board Meeting ~ June 8, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Shon at 6:35pm.
Attending:  Shon Allen, Bruce Lyman, Brad Shepherd, Jim Westbrook, Jason Sweat, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, Ann Moorehead, Lynne Williams
Absent: Angi Brown
    Following CC&R rules, the entire current HOA Board was disbanded and a new Board was elected.  New members will be serving a 3 year term.  We would like to thank Jim Westbrook and Angi Brown for their hard work and dedication to the community.  Their 3 year terms have expired at this meeting.  Shon Allen has served on the Board for 8 years.  Six of those have been as President.  For several reasons, Shon has decided to step down as President for the last year of this 3 year term.  After a long discussion, a new Board was confirmed and unanimously elected.  Positions are as follows:
                               President: Brad Shepherd
                               Vice President: Stephanie Paller-Belgique
                               Secretary: Lynne Williams
                               Treasurer: Shon Allen
                               Members at large: Jason Sweat, Ann Moorehead, Bruce Lyman
Congratulations and a big Thank You to the new HOA Board Members.
   Our search for a video camera continues.  This is a huge project.  It was decided to table this topic until next month to allow Bruce to look into it further.  The idea of using Xfinity was also brought up and it will be considered.
   A home on Wyngate Pointe recently had their basement flooded and the owners have asked for our help.  In this case, Wyngate Commons is responsible due to faulty drains.  Repairs to the current drains will begin soon so this problem does not reoccur.
   Jim gave us a wonderful demonstration of what is necessary to keep all the home outside lights functioning.  Jim has been replacing the light bulbs for the last 3 years and is ready to give someone else the chance to step up and do it. Jim writes the installation date on the actual light bulb so we can tell how long the old style bulbs are lasting vs the newer ones.  The search is on for someone in the community to volunteer for this job.  Jim said it takes approximately 15-20 minutes per month to install the bulbs and a few minutes the night before to walk the community to find lights that are burned out.  Thanks Jim for the demonstration and your service doing this!
   Wyngate Commons has had a Facebook page in the past but it is no longer being serviced.  Stephanie has offered to get it going again so the community will be able to have a site to share events, get to know your neighbors, ask for references for painters, plumbers, etc.  The new Facebook page will be “Wyngate Commons Community in Draper “.  Please join and get involved in your community.
   Our voles/moles appear to have left the area so we will be starting to replace dead bushes and trees.  We are currently struggling with low water pressure and we want to ensure we can water the new landscaping before we get it.  Once this sprinkler pressure problem is fixed, we will begin planting the new bushes.
   Wyngate Commons is currently experiencing an extremely low amount of water pressure.  It is so low that sprinklers can not water the lawns.  Water Pro has been out and worked on the system.  Our landscapers have also spent many extra hours on this.  We have purchased new filters for the sprinklers in hopes of resolving this issue. Hopefully, this problem will be resolved soon.
   Brad commented that people recently have marred our area with oil spills in the driveway and gold spray paint on a front landing.  These people are responsible to totally clean this up at their expense and in a timely manner.  Brad will check into this further.
Next HOA Board meeting-Wednesday, July 19th, 6:30pm at Shon’s house.

Wyngate Commons HOA Annual Meeting ~ May 25, 2017

Prior to the meeting being started, we needed to confirm that we had more than the necessary 24 homeowners present or sending in a proxy ballot.  It was verified that we had 29 homeowners in attendance and 3 absentee/proxy ballots.
The meeting was called to order by HOA President Shon Allen at 7:15pm
Shon welcomed and thanked everyone for coming to the annual meeting.  It is important for people to understand what the HOA does for the community.  Shon listed some of the accomplishments of the HOA Board which included:
           -another successful garage sale in conjunction with the members of the Rock Church
           -the new construction of the Shupe Building in front of our community was done in cooperation with the HOA Board
           -a dumpster was brought in and filled to the brim by residents
           -outside lights are being converted from CFL’s to LED to save money and energy
           -speed limit signs were put up for the safety of everyone
           -garbage cans were cleaned twice by the Cantastic Company
           -CC&R’s were revamped because they were over 10 years old and outdated. This cost the community about $12,000 to have completed but it was necessary to do.
           -homeowner insurance deductibles changed from $5,000 to $10,000.  It only costs a few extra dollars per home but saves the HOA about $12,000 yearly.  We also updated our HOA community value and we are now totally insured for the increased value.
            -the financial stability of the community was discussed by the HOA Treasurer, Brad Shepherd.  Our detailed budget is sent to each homeowner every December.  We currently have approximately $120,000 in our reserve.  This is marked for larger repairs (roofs, roads, driveways, repainting of doors, etc). About $7/unit/month of HOA dues goes into the reserve fund.  The reserve fund is mandated by a state law and the HOA must project out 20 years in advance.
            -the playground was recently filled with chemical free and kid friendly mulch
            -a new landscaper was chosen this year after complaints about our old company. After a few bumps, the new company now knows what we expect they do to keep our community looking its best.  NOTE: Friday is our mowing/edging day.  The landscapers will be keeping the gates open until all the units are mowed/edged and areas are blown clean.  Please DO NOT allow your dogs to go out on Friday without you checking to see if the gate is closed.  The landscapers will close all the gates prior to leaving.  Lawns will be fertilized 5 times throughout the summer season.
Tasks the Board is currently working on:
             -testing a new concrete repair product to be put on the driveways that are beginning to crumble.  Our concrete surface repair test was done last fall in front of 647 Wyngate and is holding up well.  This repair is much less expensive than replacing the concrete and having people parking out of their garage for 10 days while it is being redone and drying. We will continue to keep an eye on this resurfacing.
             -spending a few thousand dollars on new bushes/trees.  We had a huge problem last year with voles/moles/gophers eating all our bushes and many bushes died due to this.  These varmints probably came from the field where the Shupe Buliding was constructed and we hope all these critters have been taken care of.  Look for new bushes to be put in soon.  Also, flowers by the gate will be planted soon.
HOA Board Member elections were addressed.  Both Angi Brown and Jim Westbrook have positions that are expiring.  Stephanie Paller-Belgique and Ann Moorehead expressed their interest in becoming Board members and were unanimously voted in by the attendees.  Garry Gee also expressed interest but decided to be a consultant as he does not live in the community and is often working out of town.  His expertise in property management could be very helpful to the Board.  We look forward to working with all three volunteers.
An excellent idea was presented to the Board by Marian Paller.  It would be very helpful to have a community Facebook Page for any resident to view and write on.  It may be a great resource for people to help each other out and help get acquainted with our neighbors.  This will be brought up at the next meeting.
Many questions were asked of Shon and he answered them to the best of his ability.  These included gutter cleaning, window well flooding, towing, etc. One of the longest discussions was the parking problem. Once again, NO PARKING IS EVER PERMITTED IN THE DRIVEWAY.  This area is considered a fire zone by the city of Draper and cars left unattended in the driveway will be towed.  Also, parking on the street is allowed on the SIDEWALK SIDE ONLY.  If we park on both sides, there is a chance that the huge emergency vehicles will not be able to get through.  Guest parking is for guests only-residents parking there will be immediately towed.
Next HOA Board meeting will be Thursday, June 8th at 6:30pm.
Meeting adjourned at 8:17pm

Board Meeting – Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Attending: Shon Allen, Jason Sweat, Jim Westbrook, Brad Shepherd and Lynne Williams
Excused: Angi Brown and Bruce Lyman

Meeting called to order by Shon at 6:38pm.

Topics of discussion:
    1.  Annual Meeting
Our mandatory yearly meeting is May 25th at 7pm at the Pavilion.  We must have at least 24 people there (including proxy ballots) to conduct business. We will be talking about our budget and the need for new people to join the HOA Board.  Angi Brown and Jim Westbrook’s positions will be expiring this year.
We would like to talk about our accomplishments and the items we are currently working on.  Accomplishments include:
1. Revising our 10 year old CC&R’s to comply with all the new laws.
2. Insurance premium changes
3. Hiring and working with new landscapers
4. Cantastic company cleaning garbage cans
5. Changing all outside lights from CFL’s to LED’s when they burn out
6. Holding successful garage sale events in conjunction with the Rock Church
7. Resurfacing the road
8. Adding new 10mph signs to help keep our community safe

Projects currently in progress or coming soon:
1. Adding new environmentally and kid safe mulch to the playground
2. Replacing dead bushes and shrubs with new ones now that our vole problem seems to be solved. This could cost several thousand dollars.
3. Painting of back doors and fixing the bottom of doors where needed.  We discussed if weather stripping should be the homeowners responsibility and cost or if the HOA should do it.  It would speed up the painting process by taking off the old stripping.  It was decided to bring it up at the annual meeting and let the majority decide.
4. Purchasing and placing video cameras at the gate since the gate has been hit a couple of times by people who did not come forth which resulted in an expensive fix with HOA money.

2. The garage sale with the Rock Church is this Saturday, May 20th from 8am-1pm.  We will be having at least 15 individual booths set up this year (last year was 23).  Shon has volunteered to help load items into the Big Brothers Big Sisters truck at the end of the sale.
3. Fine structure for offenses other than parking (ex: garbage cans being left out, pet poop not being picked up, etc):
It was voted unanimously to first give a warning to all offenders, then a $50 fine, then a $100 fine thereafter up to the maximum yearly fee.  This will be added to the Rules and Regulations.
4. Brad discussed problems with the landscaper.  He noted that they only aerated a few lawns before their machine broke and they haven’t been back.  The landscapers said that it may be too late to have the benefits of aeration.  Should we have them do it in the fall?  Possibly.  Also, Brad would like the landscapers to not weed whack so close to the ground.  His grass is turning brown in that area.  Brad also will get some flowers planted by the entrance gate.
5. Painting and money allocated for it:
Community resident Dan Moon will be doing the back door painting this year.  We will be starting with phase one, then phase two and probably not get to phase three until next year.  Dan estimates each home will be approximately $85 to complete.  The Board discussed whether Dan should replace all the weather stripping with Qlon and bill the HOA for it or the individual homeowner.  It was decided to discuss it at the Annual Meeting and let the homeowners decide. The Qlon stripping would be about $20/household extra.
 6.  The Pavilion and the tables need to be power washed and scrubbed before the meeting.  Shon, Jason and Lynne will help with that this Wednesday, May 24th.  Also, someone has decided the fire pit is a great place to throw poop bags so we will clean that up and keep an eye open for the offender.
7.  Next board meeting June 8th at 6:30pm.
 8.  Meeting adjourned at 7:34pm

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