Board Meeting ~ February 17, 2019

Attending: Bruce Lyman, Keith Johnson, Shon Allen, Ann Moorehead, Rob Burton and Lynne Williams

The meeting was called to order at 7:06pm


1.  Lamp post:
Keith reported the new lamp posts have arrived.  The lamp post that was knocked down on Normandy will be replaced by our electrician either on February 13th or on the 20th.  Keith has purchased an extra lamp post so if we need one we won’t have to wait so long for it to arrive. Keith also has been able to order the exact same light bulb at a huge discount from what our supplier has been charging us.

2.  Keith has been trying to get a hold of the insurance company that owes us money for a pole that was knocked down over the summer.  They have not responded to his calls or emails.  Keith will continue to get a hold of them.

3.  Reserve Analysis: 
Bruce and Keith will get together to get this done.

4.  Lien:
The HOA had put a lien on a homeowners account because of an old garbage can violation fee.  The bill has been paid in full and the lien will be cleared.

5.  Taxes:
Shon has filed the taxes and they should be completed by 2/8/19.

6.  Parking:  
We are having trouble with long term guest parking (girlfriends, ex-wives, etc). They need to follow the same rules as any other quest.  They are allowed to park in the guest parking for a total of 48 hours in a 7 day period.  After that, they will receive a warning.  If this is ignored, they are subject to towing.  They can send a submission form to the HOA if they need to park for a longer period of time.

7.  A-frame:
Bruce has volunteered to help Lynne fix the aging A-frame sign.  Once fixed, Lynne will put this up on the wrong side of the street to notify people that parking is allowed on the sidewalk side ONLY.

8.  Landscaper:
Our new landscaper has certainly been busy with all this snow.  We are generally pleased with the work he has been doing.  We did notice that he has not cleared the guest parking area on Normandy and we will talk to him about not putting snow on top of our new bushes.


1.  A renter in the community is constantly violating our parking policy. He also has a hot tub, which are not allowed in Wyngate Commons and an unapproved gazebo. We have attempted several times to talk with the renter and he has become very belligerent.  Our lawyer will write up a “Notice of Violation and Demand to Cure”.  This will be delivered to the homeowner who needs to deal with the offending renter.  Hopefully, the Demand to Cure will let the renter know that the HOA will not put up with further violations.

2.  Recently, Lydia Jones resigned as our HOA vice-president.  Our lawyers notified us that the HOA has to have a VP in order to continue.  Bruce Lyman was unanimously voted in as our interim vice-president.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Williams,
HOA Secretary

Board Meeting ~ January 17, 2019

Attending: Rob Burton, Lydia Jones, Ann Moorehead, Keith Johnson, Bruce Lyman, Lynne Williams
Guest: Shon Allen

Meeting was called to order at 7:05pm.

Bruce opened the meeting by reminding us all that we represent 80 families in the community.  We need to be polite in our emails with residents while at the same time being fair to all the owners.  We need to be careful with our communication with each other as it is all retrievable. We should try to communicate more verbally instead of so much on the internet.

Shon Allen asked to attend the meeting in order to address some concerns he had about our HOA finances and parking.
-A/R Aging Summary
This financial report looks terrific!!  As of December 31, 2018, we had no resident who was behind in their HOA dues. This is great news!
There is one owner in the community who is  more than 90 days overdue in paying for a garbage can violation.  This person has been notified several times of the delinquent bill and has made no attempt to pay it.  It was decided that Keith will ask our attorney to put a lien on his property for the $250 payment.
Our HOA taxes will be due soon.  Shon and Keith will get together to get these taken care of.
-The 2018 Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and the Transaction Detail By Account were all sent by LaDonna to the Board and look good.
RESERVE ANALYSIS: Our community is due to have another Reserve Analysis completed. This report is required by the state to be done approximately every 5 years to ensure a financial plan is in place to pay for all the upcoming expenses that will be required to maintain the community over the next 30 years. We need to complete this report this year.  Keith and Bruce will get this report finalized.

Parking continues to be a problem in the community.  Parking on the wrong side of the road has always been an issue.  Putting up the A-frame on the side of the street to alert residents of the correct side to park will be done in the near future.  The idea of posting permanent “No Parking” signs on the wrong side also was revisited.  The majority of the Board was not in favor of painting the curb red to indicate no parking on that side.  Again, this is a safety issue.  If people park on both sides of the street, there is a good chance the huge fire trucks and ambulances can not get down the street.  We have already seen this happen and Draper City can fine us for this.  We will start first with the A-frame announcement and see if that is effective.

Due to work and family changes, Lydia Jones announced that she will be leaving the HOA Board.  Thank you for your time on the Board, Lydia.  Shon Allen volunteered to be an interim member-at-large but we need to recruit two more permanent Board Members. Lynne will put out a notice on our community Facebook to see if we can get people interested.

Our next HOA Board meeting will be Thursday, February 7th.

Meeting adjourned at 8:14pm

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Williams
Wyngate Commons HOA Secretary

Board Meeting ~ December 6, 2018

Attending: Rob Burton, Keith Johnson, Ann Moorehead, Lydia Jones, Lynne Williams and Bruce Lyman

The meeting was called to order at 7:10pm

We found it necessary to have a special HOA meeting in December to go over the budget prepared by Keith Johnson.  It has to be delivered to the homeowners this month and we all needed to review it, along with some future projections that were prepared.  We had a long discussion concerning the budget and our duty to be sure we will have reserves in the bank when the expensive repairs (new roofs, concrete, stucco, etc) come due. The projections showed us that we would certainly have a shortage of funds in the future if we didn’t act today.  No one on the Board was in favor of having a special assessment later to pay for these items.  Noting that cable and internet were a huge part of our budget, we discussed the idea of dropping them from our budget and letting the individual homeowner get cable, and especially internet, on their own. It was decided to continue to include this in our HOA fees.  Currently, we get a much better deal as a community from Xfinity than we could individually.  We will continue to review this expense in the future.
After much discussion, it was decided that it was necessary to increase our HOA fees by $10.00 per month to $185.00 monthly.  This new HOA fee will start in January 2019.  The fee increase will help insure that we will have the state mandated reserves that will be needed in the future.  Any further increases in HOA fees will be due to market increases.

We also voted to raise our transfer fees from $300 to $500.  This will keep us competitive with the industry average.  This does NOT affect the current homeowners.  It is a fee only for new homeowners coming into the community.
NOTE:  It was later discovered that, because the transfer fees are part of the CC&R’s, the whole community must vote and pass this increase.  We will evaluate this topic again next month.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 10th, 2019.

Meeting adjourned at 8:32pm

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Williams
Wyngate Commons HOA Board Secretary

Board Meeting ~ November 17, 2018

Attending: Rob Burton, Bruce Lyman, Ann Moorehead, LydiaJones and Lynne Williams

Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm


1. Leaf pickup:  Some trees just seem to not want to drop their leaves this fall.  We don’t want to pay people to come in and collect leaves twice so we are waiting for all the leaves to fall. Also, our last fertilizer application was just done and we would like to wait for the rain to get the fertilizer off the fallen leaves and into the grass.

2. Gutters: Most of the gutters have been cleaned out, especially on the second story level.  We are still waiting for all the leaves to fall before all the lower levels will be cleaned out.

3. Light poles:  The back order on the two broken light poles is over and the new light poles have been installed!  They look wonderful.  Unfortunately, another light pole has been knocked over-this time on the Normandy side.  The light pole has been ordered, along with an extra light pole so we won’t have to wait a couple months when we need the next replacement.  Thank you Keith for spending time to get this project completed.

4. Parking and towing:  We have contacted our lawyer to review our current policies and procedures concerning parking and towing.  The lawyer will look into new and existing laws and come up with new recommendations for us.  We need to make the parking rules absolutely clear to all residents on what the board is required to do per city code. This will include the towing rules.  Then we will rewrite the rules so no one can misinterpret anything concerning parking and towing.

5. Fire hydrants:  YAY, the fire hydrants have been scraped, primed and repainted!  They look so much nicer.  Thank you Ann Moorehead, Mila Whetman, Becky Donald and Lynne Williams for donating your time to complete this tedious job.


1.  Dumpster request:  A new resident asked the board if she could store some type of dumpster in her backyard while remodeling.  It was reaffirmed that dumpsters are not allowed in the community and the board requested the homeowner to use a flat bed or van that could be stored in the garage.  The resident was very understanding and cooperative.

2.  Cyber insurance:  The board has decided that basic cyber insurance will be added to Wyngate Commons homeowner insurance.  It is approximately $135/year or about $1.70/year per household in the community.

3.  Facebook:  The Wyngate Commons facebook page was designed as a communication vehicle for residents.  It was never meant to be a complaint board.  Complaints will be redirected to the submission page on our website.  The WC facebook page will be for posting only in the future.

4.  December HOA meeting:  Traditionally, the board takes the month of December off.  It was decided that this will be the case also this year, unless something important comes up that needs our immediate attention.

Next meeting tentatively set for January 11th, 2019.

Meeting adjourned at 7:46pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Williams
Wyngate Commons HOA Board Secretary

Board Meeting ~ October 18, 2018

Attending: Robert Burton, Ann Moorehead, Bruce Lyman, Keith Johnson, Stephanie Paller-Belgique and Lynne Williams
Guests: Shon Allen, Mila Whetman

The meeting was called to order at 7:08pm

The Board had been notified by people reserving the pavilion that the power outlets do not work.  They do work but have been turned off for safety concerns and to keep people from using our electricity instead of their own (ex: to charge electric cars).  Shon Allen graciously volunteered to attend our meeting and show us how we can get the electricity turned on for people reserving the pavilion.  He also explained to us how we can turn the sprinklers off in order for people to set up volleyball/badminton, etc.  Currently, the sprinklers are set to go on at 8pm.  It was suggested to change that to 10pm, when all parties would have to end.  We will discuss this in the spring with our new landscapers. Thank you, Shon, for sharing your knowledge and time with us.

 1.  Stephanie Paller-Belgique has stepped down from the board due to moving out of the community.  Thank you for all the time you have given to the community, especially with heading up the successful BBQ’s we have had for the last two years. With Stephanie’s departure, we need someone to answer realtor questions from the submission forms.  Resident Mila Whetman has volunteered to team with Stephanie and take over that responsibility.  Thank you Mila!
2.  Our current landscaper, Hallmark Landscaping, is being replaced by Green Acre Landscaping on November 1st.  Hallmark has several bushes to trim to complete their contract and they said they will get it finished. We would like to thank Hallmark for their work in keeping our community looking beautiful.
3.  Back door painting did not get completed this fall but is on the schedule for the spring.
4.  Street lights: Keith has been diligent about getting new street lights for the two that were knocked down. The replacement parts take 6-8 weeks to get here.  Some parts arrived but others did not. One of the posts is back ordered. Keith will contact the electrician as soon as all the parts are here.  He also suggested to order a third street light replacement and keep it on hand so we don’t have to wait so long when the next one is knocked down. It was voted unanimously to do this.
5.  A resident is having a problem with water entering his basement in a down pour.  This has been a consistent problem with residents due to the poor landscaping from the developer.  The landscapers checked the sprinklers and the drip system and they were determined to be functioning properly.  It was decided we would pay for an additional drain to be put in and connected to the existing one. We will also pay to have dirt packed around the area and to cap the sprinkler head, if the resident desires that to be done.  The board will NOT pay to level any backyards.
6.  GUTTERS AND TREE TRIMMING: The tree trimmers will be here to start trimming on October 19th.  All gutters will be cleaned as soon as all the leaves have dropped off the trees.
 7.  A resident has complained that she has water entering and flooding her backyard due to a neighbors concrete patio sloping toward her yard.  The concrete patio has been professionally cut and the water has been directed to a drain. The homeowner with the patio has spent a significant amount of money to rectify this problem.  The board now considers this problem to be fixed and nothing else will be asked of the homeowner.

1.  PARKING:  Parking continues to be a problem.  Most residents comply by parking in their garages but there are just a few who think they can park anywhere they want.  Remember: we are a two car community and the cars are expected to be parked in your garage, not continuously on the street.  We understand there are times you need to park on the street for a short period (ex: cleaning out your garage) but it should NOT be a daily occurrence.  Also, parking is to be on the sidewalk side only.  The reason is that the streets are 25 ft wide.  If we park on both sides, the emergency vehicles (which are 11 feet wide) can NOT fit down the street.  We can be fined by Draper city for this and it is a safety issue. Parking rules are going to be rewritten by Ann to clarify the rules and to allow us to tow chronic offenders.
2.  FIRE HYDRANTS:  Our fire hydrants are in need of a new coat of paint.  Lynne, Ann and Mila will get them painted in the next two weeks.

The next board meeting will be November 15th.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Williams,
HOA Board Secretary

Board Meeting ~ September 13, 2018

Attending: Rob Burton, Bruce Lyman, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, Lydia Jones, Keith Johnson, Ann Moorehead and Lynne Williams
Guest: Brian Bowen

Meeting was called to order at 7:08pm

We were very fortunate to have the Wyngate Commons insurance agent, Brian Bowen, attend our meeting.  Brian is with L.A. Bowen Insurance Agency.  He explained our insurance policy to us and let us know what it covers, doesn’t cover and how to keep our rates low.  Brian has a terrific partnership with Nationwide Insurance and because of that has been able to get us a terrific price.  We will be paying $13,748 which is less than last year ($16,118). This reduction was a result of a full years billing of insurance when the deductible was increased from $5,000 to $10,000. We did not have any insurance claims submitted last year,  which is helpful.  Our deductible will remain at $10,000.  We discussed ways of keeping the premiums down-constant upkeep, an active HOA, and attention to details.  One of those details is doing things to prevent slips, trips and falls.  The Board will be looking into concrete shaving of areas we recognized as potential trip sites. If the insurance company sees that we are actively working on making the community safer for all of us, then they will be more inclined to keep the premiums lower.  A question of flooding came up. Brian stated that our area has been studied for massive flooding and there is only a 2% chance.  We are not in a flood zone. We also discussed cyber liability and earthquake insurance.  In the past we have declined earthquake insurance due to the huge premiums that come with it.  Brian will report back to us on the cost of earthquake and cyber liability.
The Board would like to thank Brian for sharing his knowledge and time with us.


1Landscaping:  Shon and Bruce have been working on this.  Our current landscaper submitted a bid and has agreed not to increase their price. Green Acres also has submitted a bid and we are waiting on two other bids to come in.

2Back door painting– We still need to get bids.  Last years contractor has moved and is no longer able to do it.

3Solar Panels:  Bruce is getting more info on this and it will be discussed next month.  We know that this subject will come up in the future and we want to be ready for it.

4Community BBQ: Stephanie is working hard to get the word out to the community about this event. Stephanie will develop a flyer and send the info out via email to all residents.  Also, flyers will be distributed to all homes and put up on the mailboxes.  The A-frame has already been up to alert residents and it will go back up again on Thursday.  The Board is certainly doing everything we can to get people involved.

5Street lights:  A couple of our street lights have been knocked over and one needs a light bulb replaced.  Keith has been in contact with the electrician and the job should be completed soon.


1Storm door handles:  For some unknown reason, the installer of our storm doors recently put two nickel door handles on the doors instead of the contracted bronze ones.  This is NOT what we have on all the other storm doors and it sticks out like a sore thumb.  The two residents involved have been notified that these handles were a mistake and must be changed. The installer has also been notified.  Hopefully, they will be able to fix this error soon.

2Pavilion:  Ann noticed that there isn’t much information on our website concerning the Pavilion.  We don’t mention about reserving it or what we expect from those using it.  Recently, we had people posting sign and balloons at the gate .  Several hours after the event ended the sign was still there.  They were asked to take the sign down and they did.  Several days later, the balloons were found caught in one of our bushes and removed by a Board member.  Ann and Lynne have agreed to come up with information on the website so this doesn’t happen again and so the community will know what we expect from those people using the pavilion (no signs at the gate, encourage people to park only on the sidewalk side of the road or offsite, all garbage must be removed, no signs nailed or stapled into the pavilion, etc). We want the pavilion to be enjoyed by everyone and look nice all the time.
Also, Keith will consult with Shon about getting power available for all people who want to use the pavilion.

3UPS/FED X deliveries:   Several residents have complained that their packages were confirmed delivered to their door step but they weren’t there.  Some of these are being delivered into the communities south of us and people have returned them to the proper addresses.  We don’t know what is happening to all the missing packages but we all need to be aware to be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

4Gutters:  Shon and Bruce are looking into getting a company to clean out the gutters before winter hits.

5Board Resignation:  Stephanie informed us that she will be moving in a few months and has to resign from the Board soon.  We hate to see you leave us Stephanie but wish you well in your new home.

Meeting adjourned: 8:31pm

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Williams
HOA Board Secretary

Board Meeting ~ August 16, 2018

ATTENDING: Rob Burton, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, Ann Moorehead, Bruce Lyman and Lynne Williams
EXCUSED: Keith Johnson and Lydia Jones

The meeting was called to order at 7:08pm

1. TOWING:  Beehive towing is now our new towing company.  Temporary signs are posted while permanent, metal signs are being made.
2. Parker, our summer handyman, has finished his job here and returned to school.  Thank you, Parker, for all your hard work in making Wyngate Commons look its best.
3. Parking: We have many residents continuing to park in their driveways, especially those driveways that are hidden in back.  This is strictly prohibited by Draper Fire Codes and can not continue.  It was decided that the offenders will be given one note on their cars and will be subject to towing if they continue to disobey the fire codes.
4. Landscaping Bids:  Bruce and Shon continue to get bids from landscapers.  Our current landscaper has agreed not to raise his price for the next two years.  The current contract will expire October 31st.
5. Furnace Venting: As our community ages, so do our furnaces.  Some residents have already had to replace their furnaces.  Many of the new, high efficiency furnaces can not use the existing venting pipes and must have new outlets through the stucco.  The Board is offering leniency on this as long as it looks nice and is placed as inconspicuously as possible.  We request that ALL residents please contact the Board before ANY improvements that involve cutting into the stucco are considered. The Board is looking into having a cooling/heating specialist come in and talk with us so we will know the best way to deal with any future problems
6. Street Lights: Two street lights on Wyngate Pointe are completely down and another needs a new light bulb.  Replacement parts have been ordered and these issues will be corrected as soon as the parts arrive.

1. We have noticed that several gate doors have rubber marks on them from the lawn mowers. It appears the landscapers are opening and closing the gate doors with the mowers instead of their hands. Bruce will talk with them to get this practice stopped!
2. The Rock Event: The Rock Church has again invited us to their summer party.  It will be held on Saturday, August 18th from 11am-3pm. They will have hot dogs, bouncy castles, games, snow cones, cotton candy and more!  Best of all it is free!  We have the best neighbors!
3. Solar Panels: The Board knows that solar panels are a big topic in Utah right now. Will the HOA allow them to be on the roofs?  Bruce will look into this more so we are prepared to answer questions when the time comes.
4. Stephanie is busy preparing for the Community BBQ on September 22nd.  Save the date!  It will be fun, have good food and a great time to meet your neighbors.
5. A resident has a concern about her concrete steps separating from the foundation.  Rob has offered to look at it and help her with a solution.
6. A resident would like to know why we no longer offer garbage can cleaning.  The Board did have Cantastic come in twice and clean our cans as a service to the community.  We did not have much feedback from the community about this but did get responses from some people saying it was a waste of their HOA dues.  After a discussion, it was decided that the benefit to the community did not justify the cost.  Residents can sign up individually with Cantastic if they desire to continue this service.
7.  A resident wondered why her crumbling driveway was not fixed this year.  We did resurface some driveways this summer.  The driveways were noted as being the worst according to the concrete company.  This residents driveway was not deemed critical at this time but does need to be resurfaced in the future.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10pm

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Williams
HOA secretary

Board Meeting ~ July 19, 2018

Attending: Robert Burton, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, Ann Moorehead, Bruce
Lyman and Lynne Williams
Excused: Keith Johnson and Lydia Jones
The meeting was called to order at 7:12pm
1. Towing: Beehive towing has been contacted and will be our new towing
service, replacing Speedy towing. Rob will have them make up new signs (one
for the front by the gate and two for the back area) to notify people in the event
their car has been towed. Most of the towing fees are state regulated.
Beehive’s prices are as follows:
$156.00 tow
$33.00 admin. Fee
$25.00 storage
$78.00 boot fee
$78.00 drop fee
Lynne will talk with Shon to get Beehive a unique gate code and also to get a
tow verification code for Rob and Ann. This code is needed when we call
Beehive to come and tow someone. Only Rob and Ann will have this code.
2. Oil Stains: Recently, a person renting a parking spot in the back moved out
and left oil stains on the asphalt. Parker will scrub the area and hopefully we can
get it back to its pristine shape again.
3. Our handyman, Parker, will be given directions on what needs to be done
by Shon and Bruce. If you know of something that needs attending to, please
contact Shon or Bruce and they will talk with Parker. Ex: the gate locks all need
to be looked at and lined up. There are some that may require the expertise of a
vinyl fence company due to shifting of the earth. Bruce will contact a fence
company to help complete that.
1. Fall BBQ: Stephanie has taken charge of the Fall BBQ and has set a date
of September 22nd, 5:30-7:30pm. It will be at the pavilion and will be fun for
2. Landscape bids: We need to get landscaping bids in August. Bruce will
check into a few companies and see who we can get for the best price.
Landscaping is very important to us. We want to keep the community looking its
best in the summer and also have fast, efficient snow plowing in the winter.
3. Street Lights: There are now three street lights on Wyngate that need
attention. One was run over by a visitor, another is burned out across the
driveway from the pole that was hit and a third is blinking across the street. Due
to his fees, our electrician will be called to fix all of them at one time. We need to
talk to the insurance company of the person who hit the pole first.
4. HOA email: The Board members need to get together with Shon in order to
send emails from Wyngate Commons HOA instead of their individual email.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm
Respectfully submitted,
Lynne Williams
Wyngate Commons HOA Secretary

Board Meeting ~ June 21, 2018

Attending: Robert Burton, Keith Johnson, Ann Moorehead, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, Bruce Lyman, Lydia Jones and Lynne Williams
The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm
    BUSHES: The new bushes have been planted!!!  Thank you, Shon Allen, for all your time and effort to beautify the community.  The new bushes makes the area look updated and refreshed.
    MAINTENANCE:  We have hired Parker to do odd jobs around the community.  His jobs will include pulling weeds from the playground and re-spreading the mulch, painting fire hydrants, fixing fences, adjusting gates, spreading stones and other odd jobs that always pop up.  Welcome Parker!
     HOA COMMITTEES:  When a submission form is received by the Board, it has always been hard to know who is responsible to answer the concern/problem.  It was decided that Robert will respond to the submission request to let the homeowner know that we received the form.  Lynne has organized a sheet of common complaints/requests/questions and noted who is responsible to act on that request.  Hopefully, this will make it much easier for the Board to know who will respond and also expedite requests from our residents.
     TOWING:  Robert notified us that Speedy towing is phasing out their night towing and have not been around the community lately.  Their prices also have increased dramatically and people have to go all the way to S. Salt Lake City to retrieve their towed vehicle. Draper City requires us to enforce the parking laws they have set forth for the community.  The Board decided it was time to get bids from other towing agencies, especially those that are closer to us and may be less expensive for vehicle retrieval.  Robert has offered to do this.  Once we have found a new company,  Ann volunteered to send Speedy towing a letter to inform them that we will be dropping their services in 30 days.
     PARKING RULES:  The Board discussed a problem with a commercial vehicle being parked in the back of the community.  Commercial vehicles are prohibited in our CC&R’s and it is the Board’s responsibility to enforce the rules.  Bruce and Robert will talk to the owner of the vehicle and the homeowner to get this problem solved.
     BOUNCE HOUSES:  Due to insurance reasons, bounce houses are NOT allowed to be set up by individuals for birthday parties or other celebrations.  Our insurance allows bounce houses to be set up at an official HOA event and ONLY for our residents.  Lynne will put this on our website so people are informed about this.
      XFINITY PROBLEMS:  A resident stated he was having trouble with his cable and internet.  He had a service person come out and they stated something was wrong with our boxes and it was our problem. Unfortunately, he was given the wrong information.  Our contract requires Xfinity to fix this.  We recommended him to go into the store and get it resolved-don’t call for a service person who doesn’t understand our needs.
      HOA ACTIVITIES:  Stephanie is excited to start organizing the next community party. It probably will be a BBQ this fall.  More on this at a later date.
The next HOA meeting was set for July 19th at 7pm.
Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Lynne Williams
Wyngate Commons HOA Secretary

Board Meeting ~ May 24, 2018

Attending: Shon Allen, Robert Burton, Keith Johnson, Brad Shepherd, Stephanie Paller-Belgique, Ann Moorehead, Bruce Lyman, Lydia Jones and Lynne Williams
The meeting was called to order by President Brad Shepherd at 6:34pm
      Following CC&R rules, the entire Board was disbanded and a new Board was elected. New members will be serving a three year term. We would like to thank Shon Allen and Brad Shepherd for their hard work, dedication and contributions to the community.  Their 3 year terms have expired at this meeting.
 After a long discussion, a new Board was confirmed and unanimously elected.
      The new Wyngate Commons HOA Board representatives are:
                     President: Robert Burton
                     Vice President: Lydia Jones
                     Secretary: Lynne Williams
                     Treasurer: Keith Johnson
                     Members-At-Large: Bruce Lyman, Ann Moorehead and Stephanie Paller-Belgique
Congratulations and a huge THANK YOU  to the new HOA Board Members.
   1. PODS:  We are discussing whether PODS are something the Board wants to allow.  It was decided to delay this topic while Bruce is gathering more information on it.
  2. BUSHES:  We have bushes ordered and ready to be planted but we have to be confident that the landscaper has all the necessary sprinklers/drip lines in order.  Once we have all the water the new bushes need, they will be planted.
  3.  A homeowner bought a home a few months ago with a fence that has a large gap near the bottom and also is separated from the top. The home was bought with the knowledge that the fence was in this condition.  We are hiring a maintenance person and he will be looking into this situation.
   1. FIRE PITS:  Propane fire pits are allowed UNLESS they are affecting the air quality of other residents.  NO wood burning fire pits are allowed due to the potential fire hazard they may cause.
   2. TOWING: A homeowner recently had her guest’s car towed while it was parked on the street after midnight. She was requesting to have more signs put up so people will be more aware of this rule.  After discussing this, the Board decided the sign as you entered the community was adequate and it ultimately is the responsibility of the homeowner to remind/inform their guests that towing companies strictly enforce the parking rules.
  3. PARKING AT THE ROCK CHURCH: Several cars belonging to Wyngate residents are now being parked in the parking lot belonging to the Rock Church.  A few residents have spoken with the church officials and have permission and/or a parking pass.  A few residents parking there have not contacted the Church and are subject to towing.  The area is clearly marked that cars will be towed if a car belonging to a Wyngate resident is there without permission.
   4. BROKEN FENCE: The HOA community adjoining us (Auburn Fields of Draper) contacted Shon and are willing to pay for one-half of the cost of the broken fence that separates the two communities.
  5. DOGS:  A resident requested a Board member to contact an owner concerning a barking dog that can extend it’s arm through the gate.  She states the dog may be aggressive and she is afraid to have her children play on the playground since the dog’s yard borders the playground.  It was decided by the Board that dog issues should be handled either by the concerned resident contacting the owner directly or by calling Animal Control.
  6. SPRINKLERS: A resident requested to have her sprinklers checked because they have yet to come on this year.  Shon and Bruce addressed this with the landscaper and they were turned on the next day.
The next HOA meeting will be June 21st at 6:30pm.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:56pm
Respectfully submitted,
Lynne Williams
HOA Board Secretary
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