Rules, Regulations and CC&R’s

In order to ensure a well run community and conform to city ordinances and CC&Rs, rules have been established by the HOA board. All community residents are expected to become familiar with these rules and those found in the CC&Rs and abide accordingly.


HOA dues are necessary to keep our neighborhood running smoothly. HOA dues are due on the first of each month, and payments received after the 10th of the month will incure late fees. Accounts (owners) that are over 90 days past due may be subject to a delinquency fee of $435 (which includes having a lien put on the property, being sent to an attorney for collections, and other administrative fees). The homeowner is responsible to pay all attorney and court fees associated with the recovery of the outstanding balance. Also, overdue balances will accrue interest at the rate of 1.5% per month. (CC&R 13.13)

Our current HOA dues cover the following to ensure we maintain a high quality standard of living and beautiful community:

  • Lawn Care
  • Insurance of Building Exterior
  • Maintenance of Exteriors
  • Contribution to reserves for major projects
  • Basic Cable TV
  • Cable Comcast Internet
  • Snow removal

These represent the majority of the big-ticket items we handle on the community’s behalf. We are proud of our community and think you would enjoy purchasing a home here.

Homeowners who are unable to remain current on their dues should notify LaDonna at the Wyngate HOA Bookkeeping office IMMEDIATELY (email: or  801-368-2655).


Unless otherwise noted below, violations of the following rules may result in a fine of $50.00 for the first offense, and $100.00 for each occurrence thereafter.


According to Draper City ordinances, NO MORE than 3 unrelated persons can live in a housing unit at one time. There is no limit to the number of related persons living in a single unit. A related person is defined as an immediate family member.


Common Areas – All outdoor areas of the community (including driveways and porches), with the exception of fenced backyards, are defined as common areas.

  • Personal items are not to be stored in common areas.
  • Pet waste must be cleaned from common areas.
  • For sale/rent signs are not to be displayed in any common area including front yards.
  • Driveways are not to be used for car repairs, construction projects, etc.
  • Alterations to building exteriors are not permitted at any time (including nails for holiday decorations and attaching satellite dishes to walls and roofs, etc.)
  • Offenders will be held financially responsible to damages to any common area(s), and fines will be equivalent to actual cost to repair damage (including oil leaks on the streets and driveways, structural damage, etc.).
  • Because of the high cost of snow removal, such removal will occur only after a 2-inch accumulation takes place and the snowing appears to have stopped.
  • The Pavilion is available for any resident to use.  Please reserve the pavilion via the submission form. NO BOUNCE HOUSES are allowed during private parties at the pavilion. Due to insurance concerns, bounce houses are ONLY allowed during an HOA activity and ONLY for residents of Wyngate Commons.

Limited Common Areas – The fenced backyard areas are defined as limited common areas.

  • Backyards must remain clear of pet waste.
  • Gates are to remain unlocked to backyards (accessible for repairs and maintenance).
  • Alterations to sprinklers are not allowed.
  • Landscaping changes must be approved by the architectural committee (Please use Submission Form).
  • Loud noise (including pets) or music is not allowed outside after 10:00 pm.
  • To walk through your neighbor’s backyard, community members or guests must first obtain permission from that neighbor.


Resident Parking- Because Wyngate Commons is a two-car community, residents are to park their vehicles in their garages. Parking in driveways or on top of sidewalks is not permitted at any time and is subject to towing 24 hours a day at owner’s expense. City requirements also prohibit parking on the streets, so cars parked on the street will be subject to towing between the hours of midnight and 6:00 am. Unregistered cars or vehicles in bad repair may be subject to immediate towing. In addition, trailers, RVs, boats, and other recreational vehicles are not permitted to be parked in the community at any time. Parking should also not impede emergency vehicle access throughout the community or street snow plow efforts and pathways.


Guest Parking – The spaces designated throughout the community as Guest Parking are FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of guests of the community ONLY. Residents must use their garage per CCR Articles 5.04(b) and 6.03(d) as the primary parking position.  Resident’s vehicles that are found in guest parking are subject to immediate towing. Visitor’s vehicles remaining in guest parking intermittently or continuously for over 48 hours in a seven day period are subject to towing at owner’s expense (unless prior arrangements for extenuating circumstances have been approved by the board via the submission form). If a guest intends on parking in the visitor spaces on an intermittent or continual basis for more than 48 hours, please contact the board for extended visitor pass options. Street parking is available to guests during the designated hours and is limited to the SIDE WALK SIDE ONLY.  Residents may NOT use street parking as a convenience to avoid garage use. NO vehicle is allowed to obstruct those walking on the sidewalk.  Vehicle too long to entirely fit into the guest parking spot need to be  parked in the unreserved areas in the back of the community.  Vehicles encroaching on any part of the sidewalk will be subject to towing at the owners expense.

No Parking on the Sidewalks – Vehicles should not cover sidewalk areas and impede pedestrians in any way. Vehicles parked on sidewalks are subject to immediate towing at owner’s expense.

Additional Parking – According to CC&R rules, Wyngate Commons is a two car community. In order to accommodate residents with the need for a third car, a limited number of parking spaces can be leased for monthly fee. To be considered for an additional space, fill out the Parking Agreement Form.

In order to be considered for a Parking Permit, applicants must conform to city ordinances, community CC&Rs, and meet the following criteria:

  • Must be current with HOA fees.
  • Must be in compliance with city ordinance allowing no more than three unrelated persons living in a housing unit at one time.

Parking Permits are subject to the following restrictions and limitations:

  • No more than one permit may be acquired or used by each household.
  • A permit will not be issued to a homeowner who cannot demonstrate that both parking spaces in his/her garage are clear and able to accommodate a vehicle, and that every effort has been made to utilize both spots in the garage. “Vehicle” means a passenger car or truck; a permit may not be used to store a trailer, RV, boat, commercial vehicle, recreational motorcycle, or other recreational vehicle(s).

Vehicles utilizing each paid parking spot must meet the following requirements:

  • Car registration is current.
  • Vehicle is in good repair, does not leak oil or other fluids, and is not in any way a nuisance to the community.
  • Vehicle is in regular use.
  • Paid Parking Spot Permits are not transferable without consent of the HOA Board of Trustees.


Garbage cans should all be clearly marked so their owner can be identified, and trash should be tightly bagged within all garbage containers to avoid spills. Trash containers should not be stored in driveways or common areas, but in garages. Place containers on the street no earlier than the night before trash pickup and store them no later than the night of the trash collection.


Speed Limit – To ensure the safety of all residents, the speed limit for all streets in the community has been set at 10 mph, and members are encourage to watch for children while driving.

Fireworks – Firework usage is not permitted within the community boundaries.

Neighborhood Watch – All community members are encouraged to help make our community safe and peaceful. If you notice any disturbances, problems, or potential problems, please fill out a submission form on this site (so we have a time/date stamped record), and notify the police or other authorities if appropriate.



Any problems, suggestions, needs, or concerns may be communicated to the board through the Submission Form found on this website.



Wyngate – CC&Rs