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Your Wyngate Commons HOA Board of Trustees works hard to make this community one
of the best in the area. We want to share with all of you some news, exciting events and
community reminders.
1. WYNGATE COMMONS ANNUAL HOA MEETING: The annual HOA meeting will be
held on Thursday, May 16th, at 7pm at the pavilion. We have numerous matters to discuss to ensure you are informed about your community. It is also a great time to meet your new neighbors and spend time with the old ones. Please plan to attend. Light refreshments will be provided.
2. WE NEED BOARD MEMBERS: We will have 3 board member positions opening up this
year and we would love to have YOU working with us. Each board position is a three year
commitment. Ideally, there should be a total of 7 people on the board so we are in desperate need of members! If you are unable to commit to a board position, please consider just helping out the community. We always need people to help pick up trash while you are walking around our loop. One-time, short term jobs always pop up where we may need your help. There are so many projects you could help with without being on the board. If you are interested, please fill out the Submission Form on our website.
3. SPRING CLEAN UP DUMPSTER: Back by popular demand! We will again have a
dumpster available for residents use. We have reserved it from May 16th until the 19th. It will be placed in the Southeast corner of the community. Please break down boxes to ensure we have room for everyone’s junk. No refrigerators, chemicals, paint or electronics are allowed in the dumpsters or we will get an additional fee or fine. Having the dumpster available will make your spring cleaning so much easier!
4. PAINTING AND REPAIRING OF BACK DOORS: Bids are currently being collected for
back door painting and repairing for the homes on Wyngate Pointe. The homes on Normandy Loop and Tuscan View are finished. The homes on Wyngate Pointe will be completed this summer.
5. LANDSCAPING: We have a new landscaping company this year. We have had
several positive comments on their snow removal. They are just beginning their mowing/
trimming and there are a few things that we need to have them adjust to our standards. The Green Acres Company has been very responsive and determined to make us all happy. If there is something you believe they can improve on, please let us know on a Submission
6. CONCRETE REPAIR: Once again, certain driveways are being resurfaced this year.
The concrete company picks the worst driveways and they are the surfaces being redone. You will be notified if your driveway is being resurfaced.
7. ROAD RESTRIPING AND PAINTING: The parking stripes in the back of the community are scheduled to be repainted soon. Also, the 10mph notices will be repainted so everyone will be able to see them better. Hopefully, this will make more people slow down and keep our community and children safe.
8. XFINITY/COMCAST: Our contract with Xfinity was recently reviewed by the Board. We
have committed to a new 5 year contract with them. As a show of Xfinity’s appreciation of our business, Showtime will be offered to all residents at no charge!
9. STREET LIGHTS: Several street lights have been knocked down over the last few
months and only one person admitted to it. These lights are expensive and your HOA dues
are paying for them. If you see someone hitting a street light or know who has knocked one over in the past, PLEASE contact the board.
10. FIRE HYDRANTS: Our fire hydrants were starting to look very dreary and drab. They
were given a face lift last fall and now look very vibrant and new.
11. HANDYMAN: Your HOA is looking into hiring a handyman for the community. We have many projects (fence repairs, gate lock repairs, etc.) that need attending to as our community ages. It may be very cost effective to have someone dedicated to fixing problems that periodically arise. The problems could also be fixed faster than having to find specific specialists to fix certain problems.
12. PAVILION RESERVATIONS: The pavilion is available for all residents to enjoy. It is the perfect place for a special celebration and it can be reserved for FREE! All we ask is that you fill out a submission with your dates and time. We also ask that you leave the pavilion in the same clean condition you found it.
1) DOGS: We have several beautiful dogs of different breeds and sizes happily
living with us at Wyngate Commons. Please be aware that Draper law states all
dogs being walked MUST BE ON A LEASH. This includes the dogs playing in the
back by the tennis court. Also, please pick up after your dog. Keep in mind, the
fire pit in the back is NOT a garbage can!! Do NOT dump your dog waste in there
and expect someone else to clean it up. We have a doggie bag station in the front
and the back of the community that always has doggie bags available for your
use. Also, you may have noticed that several of our bushes along the sidewalk are
in severe distress due to all the dogs urinating on them. If possible, please do
NOT allow you dog to add to this problem. Thank you.
2) GARBAGE CANS: In order to keep our community looking its best, please
return your garbage cans into your garage (they are NOT allowed in driveways or
backyards) the night of the trash collection. No one wants to look at an ugly
garbage can for days. Fines are issued for this offense. Also, please clearly mark
your house number on your garbage cans.
RESIDENT PARKING: Parking continues to be our biggest problem in the
community. Please obey all the parking rules to avoid being towed. Resident’s
cars are expected to be parked in the garage. Remember, absolutely NO parking
in the driveways, especially in front of a garage door. If you choose to park in the
driveway, your car will be towed without warning. The driveways are considered a
“fire lane” by Draper City. It is the Boards obligation and responsibility to have any
car in the driveway towed without notice. Trailers, RVs and boats are not permitted
to be parked in the community at any time.
GUEST PARKING: The spaces designated throughout the community as GUEST
PARKING are for guests of the community ONLY. Resident’s vehicles found in the
guest parking and visitor’s vehicles remaining in guest parking intermittently or
continuously for over 48 hours in a seven day period are subject to towing at the
owner’s expense, unless prior arrangements have been approved by the Board. If
you have a guest who may need to park in the visitor space for more than 48
hours in a 7 day period, please contact the Board for extended visitor pass
options. Also, please let your guests know that street parking is permitted on the
SIDEWALK SIDE ONLY. If we are parking on both sides of the street and have a
large vehicle, emergency vehicles may not be able to get through. This may also
impede snow removal and landscaping trucks. So please, park on the sidewalk
side of the road (but not ON the sidewalk) and inform your guests of this rule. Also,
residents should NOT be using the street as their space. Street parking is
intended for visitors. Please contact the board if you need special parking
consideration. We try hard to accommodate everyone as we understand things
can get complicated. With the summer holidays approaching and with family and
friends coming to visit, we need to be aware of the parking rules and inform our
visitors of them.
Have a wonderful spring and a memorable summer!

~Your Wyngate Commons HOA Board of Trustees

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